Something { warm }


Sometimes I just miss the good ol’ stuff from home!  I used to be able to buy locally pressed apple cider by Kauffman’s Fruit Farm.  It was the best stuff around!  Now that it’s gotten chilly around here finally, a mug of hot spiced cider would be the perfect complement to my day!

 If any of you local Texas fans know where I can get some apple cider PLEASE let me know!!!


4 thoughts on “Something { warm }

  1. Do I hear you! There is a place in CO that I should check, but the only place around here that has fresh cider (and believe me it’s more preserved than what you can get at Kauffmans!) is at Walmart… and it’s over $4 a gallon!!!


  2. The perfect thing to crave on a chilly autumn day, Jolynn… 🙂
    All you gotta do is knock on my door and I’d be just so delighted to share a steaming mug of fresh spiced apple cider with you… and some chocolate chip pumpkin bread to go with it 🙂


    1. You little temptress (in a good way), Renita! I’m am so wanting to come up there right now and snuggle on your couch sipping hot spiced cider & watch the snow sprinkle outside your windows! Meanwhile I’ll enjoy my coffee, lattes and hot tea here in can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to be cold or hot Texas. . . . 🙂


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