to make breakfast in the morning

I am just so smitten with pumpkin right now.  Anything pumpkin makes my ears perk up!  And I mean way UP!!

I’m not sure how much I have honestly blogged about pumpkin recipes on here but I JUST GOTTA share yet another fabulous recipe with y’all!!!

{ Pumpkin French Toast! }

It’s  a  fabulous  fall  breakFAST !  Really, it’s fast!

Simply whisk together 4 eggs

1/4 cup canned pumpkin

 a dash of cinnamon

& a pinch of nutmeg.

Grab 8 slices of wheat bread (or whatever you have lying around)

Dip and coat both sides and cook til both sides are browned nicely!


~ ConFESSion ~

When Ms Jolynn cooks, things tend to get a little fired up…  Cooking french toast this morning has my dear hubby turning the vent-fan on above the stove.  I’m a little clueless sometimes.  It never occurred to me the house was smoking up.  I just thought it smelled, “Oh, so yummilicious!”  …Warmed syrup… spicy pumpkin toast frying…coffee brewing…a sleepy head… get the picture? 🙂

Enough to put any morning grump in a happy mood!  😉

But, ah, please pardon me.  I hope you all don’t have the impression that my life is dreamy and perfect… Blogs have the tendency to quickly give readers the wrong impression.  Sometimes it DOES get a little heated around here!

Blessings on your breakfast today!

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