{ wiww } edition four

Howdy folks!

Yet another rendition of What I Wore Wednesday!

I linked up to The Pleated Poppy again.  🙂

 pleated poppy


The following are random pics I took of outfits I wore.  It is not what I wore in the last week.  In fact it probably covers the past 3 weeks.  So you might notice that I wear the same articles of clothing for each pic.


Number One.

army skirt: Marcises

white shirt: ross or marshals

glittery tank: old navy

pink hoodie: honeymoon souvenir from Hilton Head Island  { whoot, whoot! }


You and I probably have a lot in common.  I don’t spend a lot on clothes (ok, try not to spend a lot on clothes)  I look for deals at thrift stores, Goodwill’s and usually head straight to the clearance racks at Target or Walmart.  In department stores I cruise right on in to the back where marked downs are awaiting my hungry eyes.


Number Two:

white shirt:

green tank w/ scarf neck thingy: fashion bug

brown sweater: shar’s consignment boutique

skirt: old, from good’s in pa

shoes: new! shoe department


 But that’s just the reality of life, right?  I don’t live like a movie star in Hollywood.  I wear the same skirt two days in a row or the same sweater twice before washing.  I don’t ware it once and never see it again.  I wear it once, sniff it, if it doesn’t smell too bad, back in the closet it goes!  🙂  Maybe that’s too gross for you but it works swell for me and my budget.  We don’t live an extravagant life.  Very basic and ordinary and try to save pennies when necessary.

Number Three


ruffle plaid shirt: marcies on sale

skirt: shar’s consignment boutique

brown sweater: shar’s consignment boutique

leggings w/ neat lace on bottom: khol’s

boring black flops: older than dirt


Looking nice is important to me.  There’s noting wrong with dressing nice or wanting to look nice.  It’s when you stumble over that fine line and begin to dress to turn heads for the wrong (I.e. scandalous) reason.  For that reason I always try to wear layers tank tops backwards underneath low neck tops or skirts and shirts that are not too tight and revealing.  My desire is to look neat and nice and comfy – not like a lioness perusing for her next fling.  


Number Four

skirt: yet again the old one from good’s in pa

red shirt: thinking khol’s

tank: new! from target for $3!!!

blah sweater: goodwill

scarf: $1 from rue21


And that wraps up another picture post of my lovely modeling carer around my house and such.

My desire is to be invitational and approachable with my dress.  I don’t want to dress in such a way that people scared or intimidated.  That way, if anyone sees me, and my light shining brightly they hopefully won’t be too afraid to ask me why I glow.  {cheese!}

God, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”  -Mt 5:16


3 thoughts on “{ wiww } edition four

  1. Lovely modest outfits!!I wear stuff twice before washing sometimes too…especially since iI don’t have many skirts right now.I appreciate how you dress modestly.Christian women should be models of modesty,but it seems like so many are gradually revealing more.I always try to think-“Would I feel immodestly dressed if Jesus saw me in this outfit or would I wear this if I knew Jesus would walk in the door today?”I know he sees us at all times,but somehow thinking like this makes me more careful.


  2. Where I come from, wearing clothe twice before washing is called “recycling”. Oh, maybe it’s just me and Lesh that call it that. And I need to go shopping with you more to catch on to your knack for finding $1 scarves!!!! I try to buy deals only, but mine usually aren’t that good. Though I am pretty happy with the belt deal (though $2 would sound so much better) especially since the husband approves. Fun night last-night. Let’s hang out sometime again soon. Say. . . tonight? 🙂 Love.


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