it’s {that} feeling

They were together, packed in a crowed room.  Laughter bounced all around and voices filled the air.  Smiles shared from one to another  Her green eyes searched around.  People buzzing here, there; talking and joking around.  Everyone seemed busy and like they fit in.

Looking.  Seeking.  Desperate.  Wanting.

 Inside she wanted out.  She felt so alone.  “How can I feel so lonely with dozens of people milling all around me? she wondered.”  She wished for something to do to make herself useful.  Feelings of worth come with doing and contributing.

It happens.  You know?  You’ve felt it too just like she did.

If you are a Christian too, what would you tell her?

– Is she thinking too much of herself and not others?

– Should she push past how she feels, toughen up and just start talking to people?

– Should she leave and go somewhere alone and talk to Jesus a little bit to hopefully come back more confident?

– What would you say?


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2 thoughts on “it’s {that} feeling

  1. I would ask her if she’d like to go out for coffee sometime. If we were able to do that, I’d ask her to share more of how she felt that night. Then, depending on where that part of the conversation took us, I might ask her to share who or what it is in her life that makes her feel valued as a woman.. Maybe we would get around to talking about the fact that only the “owner” of a thing can say what it’s worth–that I am the only one who can say what my shoe is worth to me, for example. Perhaps we’d have the opportunity to talk about how only God can tell us what we’re worth because He created us and we are His, and how inner turmoil can arise when we define our worth by things other than Him. And yes, I’ve been there and still AM there many days!


    1. Thanks, Lynne. I know this was kinda a random post but the psychology side of me was coming out. Me and I know lots of other ladies feel the same way. I wondered what would be a good thing to tell others who feel as the lady in the vignette did.

      I agree that we as ladies let what we perceive to be what others think of us determined how we respond or have power over us and how we feel about ourselves. I’m not saying that’s right but I guess my question goes a bit deeper… how do you snap out of it? Like the woman in the story, how can she change in the moment? I wonder…

      Anyway, thanks for commenting! I love to read your perspective! Makes me feel like I almost hearing from LC himself! 🙂


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