per 3 friends

{ The other night I was talking with my 3 friends, Emily, Jasmine and Lucy.  Might I dare to encapsulate those thoughts with you… }

– – –

Genesis 1:27

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Everything God created in the Genesis account was pronounced good.  Everything.

Yet after man was made, it was not good.  It was not good that man be alone.  (Genesis 2:18)

Two genders, fashioned and formed and designed with specific purpose and calling on earth.  Two genders created by one creator who is neither male nor female.  (Galations 3:28) 

Haven’t you, like me always pictured God as a elderly wise man?  With kind eyes, large hands, and a deep soft voice (and a large stick behind his back)?  Ok, so that’s been my picture of God, yours may be very different.

As a female in my late 20’s, I am just now discovering that I am created in God’s image.  No, not his looks.  I’m not a guy like I pictured God to be.  I never will be.  See my image of God has been wrong.

 I don’t think like a guy.  I don’t act like a guy.  So I am not able to reflect God’s image as a guy . . . . IF God were only a male.

As a female I’m coming to the awareness that I do reflect God’s heart.  I reflect God’s image in a feminine way.  My heart, as you encounter it and as I relate to God and others, can and does bear the very image of God – in a very real and Godly way but only as a female can.

Since God is neither male or female, and we are created in his imgae – then it’s assumed he is both? 

I reflect the feminine side of God’s.  God is both male and female.  He needs both male and female to reflect his image to our world.  Just one gender would give an incomplete picture of who God really is!

She is:

  • sensitive
  • life giving
  • opens up
  • gentle
  • invitational
  • mysterious
  • beautiful
And so is God.
When I am these character traits, I am bearing the image of God.  


  • defends
  • protects
  • provides
  • leads
  • physical
  • moves into
  • dangerous
And so is God.
When men are  these character traits, they are bearing the image of God.
– – –

So, thanks for my 3 friends and that I get this opportunity to journey with them in my life.


3 thoughts on “per 3 friends

  1. Right concepts, Jolynn. Whati’s so thrilling is that He romances us and wants to have a euphoric relationship with us like we have with our spouse.


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