whimsy, not wimpy

“Where ever you are be all there…”  – Jim Elliot

Heard that dozens of times before.  I try to hold myself to the living in the here and now and scold myself upon failure to do so.  Yet, I still prefer to be aloof.  How come it’s whatever we are not we wish we were more so.

Distant.  Fickle.  Utopian.  Thinking.  Far, far away in deep thinking brain.

I took the quizzes and I know.  I know that’s how I am.

Oh, it’s a land that I resort to all to easily without much thought.  All to soon I’m there.  A place where I ponder, image, sort through, listen, create.

I think it’s terrible land to live in; not living in reality or to see things the way they truly are- because I am that way.  And probably much like you, we are dissatisfied with who we are.


. . . but today, because I can, I’m gonna stay in my impractical, ideal, abstract state of mind.

One thought on “whimsy, not wimpy

  1. For me, it feels like I need time to dream and be far away and ponder. And I think there’s something to be said for getting in touch with deeper desires.
    But I also want to be truly present and available in conversations with the people in my life. I’m not very good at that. I’m often so absorbed in my own world that I’m only half-there for people. When I do that, I don’t think I’m available to God on their behalf either. Anyway, I love the Eliot quote, and it’s a goal of mine to be truly present as I engage with others. I have a ways to go. Thanks for your thoughts!


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