a look around

as i look around this place i take in all that i see.

and what i see i don’t easily approve of.


there are things here that i can’t even remember how they got here.  but here they have lodged.

it’s been collecting over the years, piling up over time.

here the once sought as valuables sit. they stick here. collect here. pile up here and won’t leave here.

sometimes i like that it stays around.  i enjoy the comfort i find in it at low times.  yet ironicly it proves my discontentment as well.  i know i must let go of the junk but it’s been safe and familiar so far.  it defines me.  certainly this is not what was planed for my life but there is so much clutter now.  sadly my gaze swoops around the room in disparate measure.  

the grip it tightly secured.  knuckles whitened.  fist clamped.


it’s work to clean up.  why change now?  

it’s hard to let go.  why release now?

 what will it take to clean up?  to clean?  to recognize change is needed for life?  

the messes of each life, mine and yours, are in dire need of restoration.  what will it take to sweep it all beneath the cross of Jesus and let him restore.  but, if your finding it too hard to let go of what all drags you down today then don’t feel pressured into what is not felt or desired.  

i hope is that it is your desire to clean out – lay all that weights you down at the foot of the cross.  not forget, but be changed because of the past and all that was.  

allow jesus to restore you.

he can.






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