2 things.

Yes, 2 things that my ‘repressed crafty self ‘ has done to start off the new year that I am, dare I say, quite proud of?  🙂

2 things.

Here they are.  I don’t know when I last was crafty.  This post is a pat on the back to me.  A – ‘Way to go girl’ & ‘Good job’!  No matter what I’ve done, I’m still downright impressed.  My creative bug has come and then unfortunately went.  This past week it re-landed here on Hackberry Ave. {Whoot-whoot!}  Don’t let my words fool no matter how I make this post sound.  It honestly wasn’t easy and I had to keep myself dedicated and in my chair.

So, without further adieu . . .


|   #1.   |

I saw this first one on none other then the new, beloved my most, Pinterest.

Flowers made from an old Methodist hymnal purchased inexpensively at the local antique mall in town.

2 lamps.

Adorned them both with groupings of 3 music sheet flowers – folded, fanned, cut, curled and antiqued.

|   #2.   |

Can you believe it?  Ha.  Number two is also inspired by the rising fame of Pinterest.

Please get off the floor.  You don’t have to act overly shocked or anything.  I mean, come on.  Pinterest is the new Martha Stewart Magazine but these projects are attributed by the readers.  Modest.  Attainable.  [Yummy!]  Simple.

At least I found this following one simple.

Chalkboards are my love.  Right now.

The bigger picture.

The idea was for phone numbers (and notes)and it required minimal sanding and 3 coats of chalk board paint.  I didn’t put a lot of elbow or work into.  It was simple\simple.  I like that.

I like it.

and that’s what most  importantly matters.


In other crafty news, I could say that I have been working on the good ol’ fashioned type scrapbook!  This is possibly number three.

Yes, I have pulled out once again ALL the mess that goes with.  Is it called psychical scrap-booking opposed to digital?  Not sure, really.  But this past week my dinning room table was not visible.  Sigh.  It’s fun.  But I get frustrated when I can’t find just the right color paper, or that one thing to embellish the page that just fits.  Or when I’m looking back over pages I begin to realize that they all somehow have the same similar look.  After latest technically of digital my physical creativity begins to flounder.

After that rant, it has been fun to recapture my that old phenomenon.  I’m working on our honeymoon pictures and adding little do-dads from things we collected along the trip.  🙂  It really was a super fun honeymoon.

Bring back the sun!

Bring back the warmer weather!

Bring back the waves!

Bring back the tan!

Bring back that feeling!


5 thoughts on “2 things.

  1. Oh Jolynnn to be so crafty I look at my coffee filter wreath and wonder what am I going to do with it, Love your ideas girl but you did not steal them from me. Love ya mom.


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