pleated poppy


Once upon a time, this blogger contributed to the rage of posting what she wore.

Well, it truly has been a while since the last posting in wiww.  Some of my reasoning for not posting pics is because I was in this funk of, “I have nothing new to wear.”

I sure you can’t relate at all.  I mean, how many woman have difficulty deciding what articles of clothing to coordinate from day-to-day?  I’m just saying…. my husband has been mentally audibly recorded in my mind sighing Sunday mornings as I threw yet another sweater on the pile collecting on the bed and stand before my closet with my hands on my hips glaring at my clothes and wishing with  all my might for something Different & Smashing to pop out.

{Re-reading that just made me sigh…}

For the past week I had made up my mind to try to remember to get pics of my outfits.  I remembered twice.  Once I even wore the same outfit twice in hopes of getting a picture because I forgot the first day.   No such luck.

So, here we go for your eye gleaming pleasure.


Outfit 1  (headless for multiple reasons)

Shirt: Wal-mart

Sweater: Second hand store

Skirt: same a fore mentioned second-hand store

Leggings: Kohl’s

Shoes: Payless






Outfit 2

Sweater:  New from Goodwill 🙂

Scarf:  Belk

Corduroy Skirt:  old fav from Goodwill in Pa (if it’s from Pa it’s more than 3 yrs old)

Lacy navy tank: freebie from SIL







Outfit 3

white shirt: Marshals

stripy sun-dress: Old Navy {a deal for $4!}

scarf:  Rue21 for $1

Denim Jacket: New for me from Goodwill for $6.99








And that’s all!

Getting dressed in the mornings makes me feel good about myself and I’m often more apt to being productive (usually.  Sorry, it’s not a 100% guarantee).  


One thought on “wiww

  1. Oh, I like when you do these. I was walking home from Janell’s this afternoon and thinking about the fact that this is a Wednesday and what my wiww would look and sound like. It would have sounded mostly like the thrift store – mostly. The scarf would have read “made by the hands of my mother Anne”. That was the favoritest article of clothing I had on today. Notice, I said “had”. As in, past tense. Yep. Wouldn’t want to take a picture and post about my current outfit. Was painting. Not a good outfit. Keep posting. Love reading your stuff. Miss you.


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