in the small stuff

Yesterday, in fact this entire week!, was a busy one.

My boss, a day ago, asked me to stay a little later before leaving and finish up a project.  I had known ahead of time I would need to stay late and was mentally counting the minutes I could spare.  I found a way to quickly get the task done as best I knew how and asked her if it was alright if I left not completely finishing.  She consented and thanked me for doing what I could.

I knew I only had about 35 min.  And each on of those precious minutes were beginning to mentally be assigned a task when I got home leaving me with 0 minutes spare.

My husband was pre-warned by me the night before he was going to be on his own today.  I told him after I leave for work I won’t see him til midnight!  But leaving work and having each of my minutes calculated for I just couldn’t shake this feeling that I should stop in and see my husband before zooming home.

So I did.

As I thought about it later it occurred to me that maybe that nudging was a prompting from the holy spirit.  Maybe that was God’s way of telling me to pursue my relationship with my husband.

  -To just stop in and see him before I rush off to the next thing.

  -To take time for my husband.

-To just show I care & like him.

Maybe that was God fighting for our marriage.  Apparently God cares even far more than I do.  I’m not the best pursuer of relationships; I’m more of an independent, thinking of my own ‘world’ kinda gal.  But God cares.  He wants us as a married couple to take time for each other.  He wants us to take time to talk and say “what’s up, babe?”.  

So maybe that nudging was the God’s spirit in me telling me to go see my husband – even just to say hi.  

And, so I did.

And it was good.

And I still made it on time to the girls night out…  🙂



2 thoughts on “in the small stuff

  1. Thanks for sharing this little “snapshot” of your life! I needed the reminder to listen to the Spirit’s nudging and take time for my hubby! Reading others journey in marriage helps me grow into a better wife… thanks for being vulnerable!


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