good girly

Can any of you identify with the ‘good girl’ syndrome?? Somewhere in the midst of being so ‘good’ we get board and unfulfilled, lonely and empty.
She has a book available, ‘Grace for the Good Girl’.
A book I’m adding to my wish list!

4 thoughts on “good girly

  1. I don’t follow her but her ‘friend’ (i think) and I just looking in my google reader to try and figure out which blog it was that I snitched the video from. So, no, I don’t read her blog but I’ve been on it occasionally when linked by someone…
    I’d love to borrow the book! We should do a mail book swap! You mail me the book and then I’d mail it back with one of ours that you’d like to read. Ah, hem… I guess you can’t really see our library now can you. Well, I’m still up for the mailing going on if you can think of another way to make it work! 🙂 I still have that t-shirt too…! (which I could mail back with the book…) anyway.
    Glad you have a go-to lady. Mine would be Lysa TerKeurst’s page…


      1. Awesome! I don’t mind waiting 🙂 It will give me a chance to finish up some good reads before embracing more! Lol!
        Thanks for the email! It warmed my heart! Love & miss you too!!!


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