good girly

Can any of you identify with the ‘good girl’ syndrome?? Somewhere in the midst of being so ‘good’ we get board and unfulfilled, lonely and empty.
She has a book available, ‘Grace for the Good Girl’.
A book I’m adding to my wish list!


4 thoughts on “good girly

  1. I don’t follow her but her ‘friend’ (i think) and I just looking in my google reader to try and figure out which blog it was that I snitched the video from. So, no, I don’t read her blog but I’ve been on it occasionally when linked by someone…
    I’d love to borrow the book! We should do a mail book swap! You mail me the book and then I’d mail it back with one of ours that you’d like to read. Ah, hem… I guess you can’t really see our library now can you. Well, I’m still up for the mailing going on if you can think of another way to make it work! πŸ™‚ I still have that t-shirt too…! (which I could mail back with the book…) anyway.
    Glad you have a go-to lady. Mine would be Lysa TerKeurst’s page…


      1. Awesome! I don’t mind waiting πŸ™‚ It will give me a chance to finish up some good reads before embracing more! Lol!
        Thanks for the email! It warmed my heart! Love & miss you too!!!


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