{What i Wore}

Wow!  It’s Wednesday already!  And this time I do have some {more} outfit shots!  I can hear you clapping your hands already.  Don’t get too excited.  Remember this is only me and my same ol’ wardrobe just sprinkled with creativity.

Getting Started…

Here’s my link-up with the pleated poppy
pleated poppy

Grey long sleeves – Goodwill, $5

Stripe shirt – Goodwill, $3

Scarf – ??

Skirt – Cato’s on sale, $19ish

Just Another Day In Paradise 

White tank – Marshall’s, $5ish

Blue long sleeves – given, FREE

Scarf – Rue21 for $0.99+tax

mug – Starbucks dating gift from now husband, smooches!

Plaid skirt – Goodwill, Old Navy Brand, $5

Valentine’s Day

Red Shirt – Kohl’s, $7ish

Dress/Skirt thing – Old Navy, $12ish

Belt – given, FREE

Sweater (that i wish i wasn’t wearing) – Goodwill, $5ish

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Now I’m laughing at myself because I”m still in my pj’s and one of my original ideas with posting what I wore was to get me DRESSED sooner on my days off.  I’ve found if I’m dressed, look nice I tend to feel better about myself and am more productive.

Also I was getting tired of wearing blah t-shirts and skirts and felt like getting dressed with intention would help produce a more creative, stylish me.

Another one of my reasons for posting my outfits was for inspiration for my readers.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be Ms. Mennonite Model or anything… ha!  Though I do think it would be neat if someone started circulating a catalog on Modest fashion that Menno’s could gleam from.  Honestly Shabby Apple doesn’t do it for me price wise (is something wrong with me?  I just don’t get into it?) and I can’t sew (yet!  It’s on my bucket list or 30 Things to do before I’m 30 list, which is fast approaching).

Another reason for posting what I wore is to show you that Goodwill is indeed a WONDERFUL store!  You don’t have to spend lots of mulah at name brand stores.  If you watch your name brands at Goodwill you can buy name brand clothes for half the price.

Ahhh, I wanna go shopping now!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday, Y’all!!

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