the wild side

I got tagged!  Can I come up with 7 wild thing about me??

Me? Wild?  Really?  Naaahhhh.

Jolynn and wild in the same sentence.  Now that just don’t mix.

Er, I mean, well, I climbed a mountain or two, said a thing or two and skipped the country twice, actually thrice, but that doesn’t’ make me wild now does it?

Ok, ok.  I’ve been known or spotted being eccentric on occasion.  I wear interesting clothes combinations (i can’t help if I got a new idea for a seemingly winner outfit) and try new hair styles.  In the morning standing in front of the mirror there’s the same ol’ body staring back at me that screams BORING and so I just have to try something different.  It’s only after I come home that I freak out about how silly I now look where as preciously that morning I thought it was Oh, so Cool!  Yes, I worry about future Jolynnettes.

I’m trying not to sigh so much now because I know it’s coming later.  I can hear it now.  “Hey, mom I just got another cool idea….”  Succeed by a sigh and a prayer, “Lord, give me words so I don’t make her feel bad.”

Ok, wild?  Beyond clothes.  You want stories?  Then stories you get.

I first have to take you back to my childhood.

#1.  My younger brother Josh and I used to create these scrapbooks that had glued on cut out pictures of our made up family, house or I guess ranch, pets, cows or whatever, horses for sure for me and I think that was about it.  I really wish I had one still to show but I don’t know what happened to them.  It was pretty creative and imaginative I’ll admit.  We used old Farm & Ranch magazines and County Woman.  You know, those type of mags.  Anyway, we were cutting and glueing all happy and such like.  When suddenly Josh runs out of glue.  I don’t remember, but I’m guessing I still had plenty…. so big sister, being the brilliant one that she is offers her well thought out wisdom filled advise.  “Just use honey.”

Which he did.

#2.  This one involves another brother and a canoe.  This brother is just below me in the lineup.  Jordan.  He has some more sense to him because he didn’t want to do what I so brilliantly planned but yet…. somehow they just can’t resist the big sis.

A friend and I were in the canoe and Jordan was around and wanted to join the fun.  So, we or mostly I, convince him that this trash can being tied to said canoe would be a perfect place for him to come along.

After much, much, much deliberation ( i remember he was a tough one to finally get on board) he finally gets in the trash can and to no one’s surprise – promptly sinks.

#3.  I don’t remember much of what was being said at the table.  I admit I do hard to understand and random things.  I won’t even tell you my age on this one.

Ah, hem.  But for whatever reason I turned the cake pan upside down proving that it wouldn’t fall out.  And it did.  End of story.  I think I know why I don’t remember details…


Ok, that’s all I can think of for now.  The older I get I kinda wonder if more people thought of me back then as so random, unpredictable and spontaneous and kept their distance.  I just liked having fun.  What I called fun.  Mind you, I never did anything life threatening, or put people in danger or ran away from home ( though I remember wanting to just like you did)

So recently I’ve battled with being compliant or the usual stubborn and different.  Something deep within pulls at me to not go with the flow.  But happy wife (me).  Happy life.  And I’m finding i’m happier the more compliant and more get along-ish I choose to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I still am adventuresome.  Though more reigned in you might say.

So on to #4.

I don’t like the newborn baby stage.  I like when babies can hold their own necks.  Better yet when they can crawl or walk.  Otherwise I feel like I might hurt them or damage something.  They say when I have my own it will change.  We’ll see!  ( i secretly kinda hope so)

#5  I make things and then don’t like them or throw them away.  I ware clothes and then don’t like it next week.  Pinterest is fun and also very bad for me.  My house might end up looking more like a junky art room than a cute creative home.

#6  I’m a computer junkie on my days off.  I won’t say more.

And finally…

#7  I love roller coasters!!!

Now you’re IT!  I just tagged you!  If your reading this – post 7 wild things about YOU!!!


I fear comments for those of you who only know the ‘now’ me or pre & post married me!


One thought on “the wild side

  1. I don’t like the baby stage either. I never really did and then I had an EXTREMELY fussy baby and that just made it all the worse. I’ll take the other ages any day. I haven’t had teenagers yet, so maybe I’ll change my mind. Seeing who they come from we might be in for some “fun” times!!


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