Would you?

So I got this idea off of Pinterest. Follow Me on Pinterest

Covered cardboard cutouts of our initials with vintage song-sheets.

Got the idea here.

They placed their monogram (which was wooden) on a table of sorts but I made mine with cardboard, hence it won’t stand and I don’t have a hallway, entrance-way table thinger.

So I put my letters on a wreath I dug out of my storage box.  Oh, I just don’t know if I like it.  I needs something.

Any thoughts?










What does it need?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Would you?

  1. I actually think 2 letters is overkill. One letter in this case might be better. There is something about just reflecting the family name by one letter that feels weighty and like it summarizes the family that lives here that just doesn’t happen for me with two letters. I also think maybe the white letters on a white door don’t allow them to stand out enough. Thanks for sharing the idea–like it and may just pick up a wooden one myself today to play with. The word “collage” comes to mind for what I could do.


    1. Think you’re right with the ‘one letter’ idea. Two does seem over kill. I’m not sure what do with the all white look… maybe put it one another door that besides the front door that is white.
      Gonna look around.


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