the wreath situation

Not posting for a long time leaves me with a brain full of ideas that are overloading every maga bite available in this head of mine.

I’d like to start for now with the wreath on my door which is where I left off last time (not counting my ‘wild side’ post).

I know my blog is not a very big commenty blog.  The two suggestions we helpful.  I was kind of embarrassed for posting my silly wreath pictures on here.  I didn’t like it either but I was optimistic that some one would help me out or give me an inspiration.  It sorta happened.  I did something to it.  Still, it was just so supper annoying to look at and I JUST can not bring myself to show you.  Every creative person has their moments.  I had mine.  It was a moment mixed with UN-motivation, business and just not caring.  I was also hoping you would have felt sorry for me and came over and did something with it for me…


Wreath transition:

We went from this (gag)

To this

To finally this:


Yup, I pulled this one out of storage.  It’s still my favorite.  

And spring is coming folks!


3 thoughts on “the wreath situation

    1. I’m sure it doesn’t feel like spring up there yet! It’s time to take the flannel sheets off the bed now. The windows are open. Birds are singing outside my windows! March is not so depressing as it used to be!


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