pretty painting project

And then there’s pinterest.

I have been loving it like crazy lately.  I made dozens of food I found there.  I made quite a few projects.  The other day, I was telling a friend that’s getting married that I wish I would have had pinterest when I was getting married for all the neat, CHEAP and variety of ideas!  

And I was telling another friend that I’d love to have a ‘pinterest party’ sometime.  As in all the food crafted is from pinterest.  And all the decorations…  Wouldn’t that be so Pinteresting!  Ha ha.

 I’d like to say that this idea hasn’t come entirely off of pinterest.  I saw something similar and Jolynnified it.  🙂

The other night, I think it was Valentine’s night, I bought soda in these bottles.  To cool to toss, I washed them and kept them.

Then I spotted spray painted ones on pinterest.  My originality comes in because they painted them different colors.  Mine= simply white.  (insert smug smile)

Then, also on pinterst, I saw some wine bottles painted with chalkboard paint.



End result: 

When I peeled the blue tape off some of the white came with it.  I don’t mind.  It makes is look more vintage and rustic now.


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