breakfast + wwiw = garden?

A day off of work.

Both feeling sickish.


How-a-bout-a oatmeal?


Yeah, and not just any oatmeal… the yummy sounding, peanut butter, soft and delish stuff recently spotted (and repined) on pinterest!

Yes, please!  ❤

And it was good.

Beings that it’s Wednesday, I have some more outfit updates for ya.

Don’t let this glaring, seemingly confident Mennonite scare you.  Ha ha.


Long sleeve white shirt – Target. It’s the really thin kind and I just love it.  It’s not overly warm which makes it just perfect for that little extra something to wear.

Flowery tank – Old Navy

Tube scarf thingy – homemade 🙂

Ratty, torn Skirt (which is my fav lately) – Cato







Boring Red shirt – goodwill!  Ok, whatever.  I’m not that excited about it.  It’s just blah  & works best as an under-layer kinda thing.

Belt – Er… um… I believe it’s my brothers.  🙂  Somehow I ended up with it…  Yes, I wear boys clothing.  Boring red shirt needed a ‘pop’ to it.

Skirt (actually a sun dress worn low or long(er) Ha, ha. –  Had to look at the tag.  It appears I bought it at H&M many moons ago.  That must have been in Pa, cause I have yet to see an H&M down here…



I’m so excited about it.

Here are some pics of my, or OUR garden.  We have been tossing around the idea of planting a garden.  With our not-so-very-big backyard, we know it’d have to be a little garden and we knew it’d have to contain only veggies that you pick at not ones that you plant miles of (like corn, potatoes or onions).

Jason, dearest assemlbed the railroad ties, dug out sod and de-clumped the soil.  We bought extra vegetable soil and some fertilizer at Lowes.  Hubs raked it in.  Then we planted.

Jason was very precise and detailed as he helped me think through how we want our rows planted.  He’s so good like that.  Me?  Well, I’d just start making rows and toss in the seeds and just hope hard something grows!!  Yes, we are very much opposites!

We got 2 rows of beans, a row of leaf lettuce &  spinach and then 4 baby tomatoes plants.

Plant those tomatoes, girly!

“When we all work together how happy we’ll be.”

Jason’s been faithful at watering the garden.  The other day I was gonna do it for him… but forgot.  See, it’s OUR garden….


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