help wanted!

Hi y’all!

Did you know firedog is a word?

Me neither!  It’s even coming up wrong as I write…

‘Words-with-Friends’ liked it though and that’s all that matters!

Today was a wonderful, melancholy rainy, stay-at-home day.  I decided today was the day.  Since no other day proved to be THEE day, I pulled out my canvas, paintbrushes, paint and pandora.  {Favorite Artists on my playlist today were Wailin Jennys, Norah Jones, Dia Frampton & Adele.}  I’ve been daydreaming lately about painting again and today was jackpot!

I happy to show you my final… well almost final product.  It’s just that I can’t decide what to write on it.  You know, like a cute short phrase.  It’d have to be short whatever it is because there is no room for a biggie!  And I don’t know if I have patience to write paint a long, tiny pile of words.  So, something short please would be nice.

So, without further delay, the painting.

The husband thought ‘Gone with the wind’ would be nice and we both burst out laughing.  {We just watched it to clue you in.  “Oh, Ashley, say you love me!  You do!  Ashley, you do.  I just know you do!” all said in her whiny, high-pitched voice.  Drama, drama, drama.  If you’ve seen it you understand – completely.}

I was throwing around words like, dandelion, dancing, changing or peace{ful}, rest{ing}…. Augh!  And, I don’t know.  I thought of putting on 2 words- Pleasant. Peace.  Don’t know… {insert wrinkled up nose}

And so, that’s why I’m asking YOU!  Yes, you there siting on your chair reading this.

So, drop me your {short!} suggestions in the comments!

Can’t wait to read them all.  I hope I get at least one, ha ha!

7 thoughts on “help wanted!

  1. It’s lovely, Jolynn!! Kind of wistful, the three of them silhouetted–reminds me of a family— watching. How about, “After all, tomorrow is another day!” 🙂


  2. I think it is beautiful Just Like That. I didn’t know you could paint, miss Jolynn!! you did such a wonderful job 🙂


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