to life

Thanks for all your comments on my last post!

It was so exciting to read your suggestions.  I currently have not decided what to write/paint yet.  Life has been a whir-wind down here lately.  When I first moved here, I could not imagine how in the world  things could get busy in small town Texas???  Try being married, working 3 days a wk + 2 more days at another job, involved in church (teaching etc..) heading up our girls camp and  not to mention just living, family things and hanging out!

Duane and Lucy have arrived last Friday.  Well, just Lucy did and then Duane Saturday. When someone is around visiting from out-of-state or wherever… we spend lots of time soaking them up, planning family dinners and just huge doses of down right amazing & wonderfully enriching quality time!  It was something for me to get used to, too… like how the world would stop just for the assembling our family for visitors, (in this case family).

But, the more I live here (away from dear family and friends and my ‘old life’ where everybody was already pretty much assembled) I have come to adjust to this lifestyle.  I really appreciate visitors that I no – especially when it’s people I care about and know real well and HARDLY EVER get to see anymore.  I’m so grateful for any amount of time to spend with them!  And therefore, I am more than happy to abort any plans or just my ‘normal’ day for an entire day or long weekend with them!

Yes, yes.  I know.  Looking at this picture I am acutely aware of my lanky long arms.  And I”m not sure what to do about it.  We discussed it and probably since they are longer than my height, the weight doesn’t bunch up accordingly in the typical places.  I don’t even want to begin to imagine how I looked pushing the lawn mower this evening back and forth across the front yard.  *cough* FYI, tooth pick arms = 0 muscle.

Bottom line: Mowing lawn = incredibly sore arms.

Alas, it was a super fun wknd with super amazing people.  I love Jason’s family so much.  The more I get to know them and just ‘be’ with them, the more comfortable I am.  I have to admit (as much as I’m not ok with myself) I am a slow to warm up kinda person.  No, really.  I can imagine some of you out there are like “Say, what??”  But, I am.  And I yam, what I yam.  Ha, ha!  I yam like a crock pot.  Slow to warm up.  I am more ‘me’ now than I was a year ago.  And that, that alone, makes me very content.  Content + happy.

On the flip side, because my brain thinks of what you might be critically thinking…  My ugly and not so very attractive sides are sticking their monster green warty heads out too.  But we don’t need to go on of such things.  🙂

I yam what I yam.  Jason dislikes yams.

While Lucy was here (before Duane dearest came down) I had the Friesen ladies over for a yummy brunch at my house.

On the menu was:

  • Quiche – one with pie crust & the other a hash-brown crust
  • fruit & yogurt parfaits w/ granola
  • lemon poppy-seed muffins
  • coffee w/ tasty creamers

Sadly I have not one single picture of the food or the table or coffee bar.  😦  But here are the few pics that I did take of the eventful event.

I also don’t have pictures of Ruth’s 2 little girls who made me come to the startling realization that my house is most defiantly NOT child proof!  I’m not sure who was more entertaining.  The 2 little terrors or Ruth and myself jumping up every 5 seconds!

And just because we were in the photography mood.  Here are some pics of ‘us’ the night before D&L headed out (or back to the states as some people call it!)

Me and Abbi dearest 🙂  She’s so sweet and growing up like crazy!

Autumn.  She is such a pumpkin.  Gotta squeeze those chubby cheeks!

Faye.  She is so good with these lil girlies.  She has wisdom beyond me!

Ness & Tish.  Dear, sweet nieces.  Looking forward to taking these life givers to the play Anne of Green Gables this wknd!

Ms Carmen and her Aunt LucyThe nephews.

Behold, the next generation on the rise.

Ok and some REAL men 🙂

An amazing couple!

Some REAL woman now.  Ha, ha!  Sisters.  Yes, that is what we are.  We are the Friesen ladies minus two.  Standing in no particular order.

And that’s all for now!

I wish y’all a week spent panting for what brings you the most life.


6 thoughts on “to life

  1. You’re making me miss everyone like crazy, Jolynn. So glad y’all got to be together, and thanks for sharing! Oh and I’m sure that Kyler would have loved to help the two girlies in the house destruction 😉 It’s his talent right now… along with a smile so intense he has to wrinkle up his little nose. 😀


  2. Haven’t been on your blog for a long time and enjoyed “catching up” a little with you. Loved this post with all the pictures of your life and heart and love and family in Texas! You are blessed!


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