A legend tells…


 … of a monastery known throughout Europe for the extraordinary leadership of a man known only as Brother Peter.  Several monks began a lengthy pilgrimage to visit Brother Peter to learn from him.  Almost immediately, they began to bicker about who should do various chores.  On the third day they met another monk going to the monastery, and he joined them.  This monk never complained or shirked a duty, and whenever the others would fight over a chore he would gracefully volunteer and do it himself.  By the time the group of four men had reached the monastery, the others were following his example and working together smoothly.

When they reached the monastery and asked to see Brother Peter, the man who greeted them laughed out loud.  ‘But our brother is among you!’  And he pointed to the fellow how had joined them.

[- Dyer, Crystal.  “Servant Leadership in Action.” Bell County Family March 2012: pg 8.]

Today I am in awe and inspired by servant leadership.  Lord make me your servant.  My desire is to serve him {Jesus} so I can better serve others.



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