Just when all within me was being to finally feel ‘settled’ I felt god’s nudge to ‘unsettle’ me…. again.

I wrote that back in February of this year.

Now it is the beginning of April.  I can honestly say I’ve been rattled.  I’ve been messed with.  I’ve had my feet stepped on.  I’ve been stretched.  For.R.E.A.L!

What am I talking about?

Thinking for a minute that you are like me, and you wake up to start your day and it ‘just happens’.  You go with the flow.  In the moment you think what must get done to get by.  Life is pretty much routine and occasionally something happens that through you for a loop but for the most part, ehh, you can handle it and it’s blah, blah work, work, and the same ol’ same ol’.  Follow me?

Well, what if you would wake up every day with purpose?

I mean, what if you were passionate to wake up and live because you knew, beyond your work or tasks for the day, that you had purpose that had eternal value?

What if you knew what you were created for and what your gifts were and that you had them for a reason and not to hide them because you were afraid you’d look like a show off?  Long run-on I know and my English Prof would have probably had a cow (maybe 2!)

But, my point is this:

I have gifts for a purpose.

I have dreams for a purpose.

I have desires for a purpose.

And my fear of you and myself is what is holding me back from being free to be ‘me’.  Yeah, you scare me!  Ha, ha!  And I probably scare you too, though I can’t ever imagine why!  If you only knew what a serious mess I was!!

Anyway, I’m thinking that one of my character traits is inspiring others (if you know me well enough you can give me feed back on that sometime…) and that is what I hope to do with this post.

To Inspire.

To Inspire You.  To find what makes you most alive.

To seek after it.  Make the necessary changes.

Be ‘you’ no matter what the ‘nay sayer’s’ say.  Because that’s what God wants for you.

After all, you really do play an irreplaceable role in your world.  I couldn’t be you even if I tried.

Untie the knots, throw away the cords that hold you back.  And, tomorrow, be intentional with the people you come in contact with.  They need to hear more about Jesus and see him in your eyes.

4 thoughts on “{un}settled

  1. I like what you’ve written, and can relate to it. Lately I’ve been trying to get in touch with some of the deeper things in me–things that are there, but often lie somewhat buried as I float though life with my very on-the-surface emotions. What you’ve written reminds me of some sentences from Ephesians 1 in The Message: “It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.” What is “glorious living”? If I “can handle” life, that’s probably not it. I’m glad God rattles and unsettles and messes with us! I think He’s nudging us toward glorious living, and I do believe you’re right that our dreams and and desires are important depths that He wants us to live from.


    1. Wow! I like Ephesians 1!
      And I want to live ‘gloriously’!
      Thanks for your comment. There’s so much rattling around in my brain that it’s hard to get it out on a blog!
      You’ve stirred the pot again, Lynne. Thanks for journeying with me ‘here’! 🙂


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