me & you

You like being thought of.   You enjoy that moment when somebody thought of you and did something just for you the exact same way you like it.  You like being loved.  You like when they really do care deep down inside and they say those things that matter.

I like being loved.  I really like when you think of me and do things my way.  I like when you give me time for the things I love.  I like when you encourage me to chase after what I thrive in.  I like when you do something thoughtful just for me that makes me smile from ear to ear and go all soft and mushy inside with happiness for our friendship.  I sigh, & think to myself , “You are just so amazing!”

But all this ‘i’ stuff is leaving you staved and cold in the corner.  It’s wiping you dry.  I see it in your sad moist eyes.  You don’t even have to ask it – but I think it.  And I want to change.  I want to love you the way you like being loved.

Ouch!, that means it won’t work to love you MY way.  I’ll feel different inside.  Uncomfortable.  ‘Not me’.

Because loving you matters.

Because even though I like me a lot, you are supposed to matter more than me.  I want you to matter more than me.

Because I don’t want to be so selfish.

And, because I feel the holy spirit nudging me to make moves towards you.

Moves for you.

About you.

Because of you.

Not because seeing you happy will make me happy.  But because loving you makes my Abba happy.

His smile will bring the most joy.


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