Home is where your heart is

You know Texas is becoming home when:

  1. a church of 150+ seems huge and overwhelming to you when all your life you grew up in a fairly large church of 200+ {My regular church attendance down here barely surpasses 75 on any given Sunday}
  2. going shopping is always premeditated and the list is made.  It’s all about saving gas and making the most out of our trips to Town, folks!  I do still miss the quick hops down the street to quick get this or that or simply just to look.  And spontaneous meals and such can’t happen if I don’t have everything on hand – insert wrinkled up nose.
  3. You can’t remember town names, streets and areas that were normal stomping grounds. {Ekk!  Sadness, people!!  My ‘used to be home’ is slipping away from memory!}

You know you miss ‘home’ when:

  1. You see a Mennonite from your home area, not that you even know them but they look and act; just simply OoooooZzzzING homeness and makes you go all soft inside and your heart wants to burst because you suddenly realize you just miss PEOPLE and that world of ‘Mennonites in abundance’.  {I know ya’ll local peoples don’t understand at ALL what I’m talking about…}  But it was home and yes, it reeked of Mennonites much to our Biblical great commission dismay.
  2. your niece has a 5 year old b-day and you so badly wish you could just hop in your car and give her a huge bear hug and take her out for ice cream and laugh together.  Well, I didn’t call her because I forgot… sorta on purpose


That exceeds my list for now.  Though long it may not be, it is current.  Some days my heart just misses and longs for all that familiar stuff… my family… my friends… my old streets and stores… my walmart {stuffed full of Mennonites- yeah go figure!}… Philly and the Big Apple being not so very far away…  Sometimes Texas is just so ‘out there‘ from LIFE.  I day-dream while looking out my car window of living in Waco- the ‘big city’, ha ha.

There seems to be jewels here too that I am treasuring & gaining from.  Things that I could never have seen east of the Mississippi.  God has called me here for such a time as this, to be alive with these people, in this day, in this city; population 700 something…, and married to my husband.  I once said in front of 250 people, “Where you go, I will go…”  I made that commitment.  Before God, before our witnesses, before our two families, before our friends.  We are here serving together.  Through the good and the bad.  Through the difficult dances and exciting twists & twirls.  Jason is unpredictable to live with! – LOVE him!  For this girl who likes to figure things out, God knew this pheasant  needed him. {click to get what I mean}  If I ever were to leave, I would be excruciatingly sad.  For I would leave a huge piece of my heart behind.  What once was a strange and foreign land has now blossomed into what I care about.  Who I care about.

Small Town Texas… you feel like home.


2 thoughts on “Home is where your heart is

  1. I can relate! it’s not easy to change your “citizenship”. I moved a lot before i was married but somehow moving for this reason is very different. It’s a good way to really get the chance to exercise the habit of looking for the good things! aint that life! =)


  2. I think it is wonderful that you are making Texas your home and embracing it. It is such a crying shame when girls say “I do”, but then ‘don’t’! However, I have never had to move from my home community, so what do I know? And I’ll have to trust you on missing the place oozing with Mennonites; I guess if you’ve never lived east of the Mississippi, you just don’t get it. I’ll take my lovely Midwest any day!;)


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