Coming up for air


I’m still here.  Yes, I haven’t posted in a seemingly long time.  Other friends and those that I enjoy following have posted and posted again.  While I look at my blog and feel >>>>>>>>>>>> blank.  Currently forgetting why I blog in the first place, I guess.

So, I shall post pics.  Who doesn’t delight in a picture or two, eh?

Enjoy the pics – from a while ago til now- from the happenings around the farm .  I’m not good with details…


“Let’s start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start….”

I like Sound of Music.  It was the first movie I ever watched.  {unnecessary detail}  Probably in my single digits too.  {Unknown detail}

In the morning. In the beautiful Texas land.  AKA: our backyard.  Not a pro at photography and editing.  But I like it and sometimes I like to try.

This sweet/sad deary.  She is such an energy ball.  Though, here she looks quite upset.  Even her fashionable polka-dots couldn’t change her mood.

Garden- before & after shots.


in the beginning of summer… or would it have technically been spring?  {ok, unnecessary detail}

Notice the neat 5 rows: 2 green beans, 1 lettuce, 1 spinach, 4 tomato plants.


the end of May and our Tomatoes are taller than Moses.  By the way, who is Moses?  I’d have to check with Jason sometime…  He’s the one who taught me that phrase anyway…  :p  Well, in this particular scenario, Moses would have to equal me.  Because the tomatoes are, in fact, taller than I.

Also, as you can sorta see {or not} our garden is left with 3ish rows.  {whatever… detail}  The 2 green bean plants have by now taken over the lettuce.  And the tomatoes… well, those tomatoes have pretty much over powered that spinach.  We only once had 3 max! leaf-letts of spinach with a lettuce salad this summer… er!  whatever season we are in.  I’m so confussed trying to type it all out here.  Where I come from, the gorgeous, lush and soft earth state of Pa, the garden is maintained during the summer- May-July or August.  {Honestly I kinda forget!}  Here, it happens during the spring months?- Feb-May.  Calling February spring still feels a little bit unsettling quite frankly.

Did you note the inserted shovel??  Thus said tall tomatoes are due heavy tomatoes.  The shovel is a permanent fixture these days.  The a fore mentioned Jason man had to rig up a balancing act to keep the productivity of the termaters a bountiful one.

Termater anyone?

Impersonation of ‘1,000 Gifts’ pose but with lucky ducky tomato in-place of a nest.

What else?

The clock keeps on ticking down here.  Life is Texas can get fast paced just like it did in Lancaster county.  I haven’t been to ‘town’ in such a long time.  In fact, the other night I was bemoaning the true fact to my enduring husband.  I think what I said sounded something like this.

“Oh, honey, I’m beginning to think you are trying your hardest to keep me locked up at home.”

To which I think I remember going on and on about feeling like a puppy with his tongue hanging out salivating as he drives through town.  Don’t forget the tail wagging!

And my dear husband, being the thoughtful one that he is went on to describe that I might look more like a sheltered little girlie with ginormous round eyes practically popping out of their sockets as buildings and people whiz past, with her nose physically glued to the window of the Jetta!


He is so helpful in my time of need.

Well, if you need me.  You all now know where to find me…. down Hackberry Ave.


6 thoughts on “Coming up for air

  1. Jolynn, you make me laugh! That’s just hilarious your two perspectives of “not been to town”. 🙂 And I totally identify with your not-sure-about-which-season-to-garden thing… except backwards! I was used to planting in January, and having corn day end of May, beginning of June. Up here in Idaho you don’t even think about planting anything until the middle of May! …it’s still too cold to plant tomatoes!
    Love ya,


    1. Oh, Renita, poor dear! It’s STILL cold up there in May??? Wow! I do hope the Lord gives you grace for the difficult times- she says with a shiver!
      Hope ya’ll are doing well! I’ll bet Kyler is keeping you busy as you run after him! 🙂


  2. Loved reading. Your tomatoe would be great in my salad right about now. Buzz out to “town” with Jason and get him a icecream. Then he be the one looking like that in his auto part shirt. =) Doesn’t make sense. Don’t take the time to figure out. =) Just had to make you smile. Hope it did.


    1. I’m contemplating jumping in Faye bells suitcase when she comes up there in a couple of weeks… We were just talking about that and how neat it would and all the fab discussions we would wind our selves up in!
      Loving your hubby’s random posts lately… 🙂
      smiling in texas,


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