Ouch! How many candles were on that cake?

I had that moment where I felt like I had grown up.  And that moment happened today.

I had been bestowed the privileged of working with a 12 & a 15-year-old girl at the store.

The question was asked who my favorite singer was.

Humm… I thought.  I favorite singer.  What kind of question is this anyway?  Am I supposed to have a favorite singer?  One that I just really, really like.  And by favorite does that mean I am only allowed one top, bestest, favorite, all-time singer?  I happen to like a lot of artists and I like a lot of songs.

“Ummm…”  I stalled around for an answer, flipping through the files in my mind of at least ONE neat song I liked and then possibly giving that artists name instead.  A favorite singer…?  Maybe young girls just have favorite singers and if I can name one they’ll think I’m a cool older girl.  See, I must consider this due to the reality of just having another birthday and am one more year closer to 30 than ever before.  Oh, if I could just think!

“My all time favorite singer,” I began, “is someone who has been around for a while.  I just love her voice; Celine Dion.  She sings love songs.  I haven’t listened to her in a while but I think she would be my all time favorite”

“Who???” they echoed with enormous question marks in their eyes.

Judging by their reaction I felt like I bottomed out on that one.  Cricky!  You had to name somebody they NEVER heard of, Jolynn.  Huge mega points on the cool scale with these young chicas!  Ha ha!  I don’t think I made it into their cool club as far as music is concerned.

Quick response.  “So, who is your favorite singer?” asked with a huge smile for my wounded confidence to hide behind.

“I really like Brit Nicole…  Yada, yada, yada yada and more talk about how cool she is and then spaghetti thoughts on other favorites singers and genres.  Blah, blah, blah… and so on.


*Sigh of relief*

I continued to smile and nod to their comments and info on the latest in their music love life.

I realized something in that moment.  The question really wasn’t asked with interest in my world.  Which I was relieved because I don’t think at my age I really have a crush, as such, on any hottie hip singer.  The key was for me to get out of them what they jam out to in their colerful iPods.

Girls.  Young girls.  Hip, young girls.

I think I am growing up.  No, I mean, I think I’m getting old!  Not sure if that is cool or not.  I wonder if someday I’ll be this totally lame old lady in my house who doesn’t’ know new popular music and won’t know how to relate with the younger generations.  It felt like a gap.  It felt weird.  I used to know and care more about songs and bands and music.  Now my brain is fuller than it used to be before with ‘other’ stuff.  I think what hit me the most was-

she used to be me!


But on the bright side

I had a wonderful birthday!

Jason surprised me and took me to visit some friends

That’s old me with the teal hear band string thing.  Keepin’ it young!

And then on to Sea World!

And younger still –

This girl loves water rides and theme parks and dolphin shows!

Dose it count that I’m young at heart???


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