Camp 2012

Smiling, I sigh and lean my head to the side as camp memories flood over me.  So many sweet and happy memories were made here at our new and growing girls camp in the mid-west this summer.  Camp for girls during the summer is such a good thing.  Not only for the campers but for the counselors as well.

This year we had about half the campers that signed up were ‘new’.  New for the girls that were at camp last year and new for the counselors and staff.  6 new, first-timer girls drove down from Oklahoma.  They were not sure what to anticipate but ended up fitting in perfectly!

The campers weren’t the only ones facing meeting new people.  I, as the director, faced meeting new faces as well.  A friend, made over the phone from Ok, drove the 6 happy campers down and stayed for the wknd.  Nancy Lee was such a joy to have around.  She also taught our Cake Decorating Clubs.  I’m so glad she took the ‘risk’ of getting connected with Promise615 Girls Camp and then on got on board recruiting girls!

Also, this year a camp pastor joined our staff team.  Vonda Miller from San Antonio came up with her 2 lovely daughters.  I had known Vonda, somewhat from before, but felt like we connected a lot more bunking in the same house together.  The friendships that were made this year are definitely to be treasured.

Now, some pics from the wknd!  I don’t have a lot.  It’s just some random pics to satisfy your curiosity.


Singing in chapel

The counselors were challenged to be rule models for our precious young ones.  They were called higher in many ways as they listened and spoke into the campers lives.

Their hearts were touched by moments of bonding with young and innocent girls tender hearts.


Saturday night is meant for silliness!

Skits at our PJ party

Our captive audience!


Our Carnival

The new water toy this year – rope swing, trampoline and mini blob!  It was a hit!

Girl time together was {as always} such a Retreat!!!

Thanks to everyone who asked  about us, prayed for us, supported us!  May God be glorified through this camp thing!


5 thoughts on “Camp 2012

    1. I think it would have been even more fun with you down here too!! You have so much nice-ness and life-ness to offer others! Asia and it’s whole lotta people sure are lucky ducks to get you, Mel!! Your so amazing!


    1. Jessica! Super neat to hear from you, girl! Wow! Camp was especially fun with your there! Hope school is off to a great start even if your mom is your teacher! She’s fortunate to have herself a Jessica like you!


  1. Jolynn, thanks so much for putting together this camp! I made lots of new friends, and people I sorta knew, I got to know them better 🙂 It was so much fun to be able to come up there and interact with the other girls! God bless you for starting this wonderful camp 🙂 (Me and Tracey Dueck are already talking about next years camp!) 🙂


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