My computer (AKA- laptop) is giving me problems lately.  I know it’s an oldy, a 2007 model.  A 2007, Vista Model to be exact.
The problem: blanking off randomly – therefore losing whatever projects working on presently.
So, quick pic to share.
Good times in Atlanta the other wknd. With sis-in-law, Lucy (a forever kinda friend) and new budding friend, Christy.  Christy’s husband was in our wedding; Jason’s growing up comrade from home and Christy, during our wedding, assisted in taking our pics.  She is a talented photographer.  So I didn’t really know her that well, until within the last 3-4 months I had the pleasure of getting to know her better.  Lucy, while on the wedding kick, was my matron of honor.  🙂

For good friends, I am. forever. grateful.



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  1. Loved this weekend. Love these friends. Want to do it again. Steve’s and we need to coordinate a trip to Texas. I think that’s only happened once since we’re married (last May when mom died). It’d be fun to hang out, the three of us, in the place that connects us.


    1. I would so very much like that too! We could so hang out in Waco a day. Oh, yeah, now I’m getting excited! Exchanging my hope of ‘no dream of us us getting together down here’ to ‘hoping it happens sometime… maybe even this Christmas??’


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