Welcome home! It’s time for din-din!

Does planning what to make for supper ever get you down and out of sorts?  Do you find it one of those things that you have to do and there is now way out of it this side of heaven {unless pleasantly surprised by an intervention to eat out due to XYZ..}?

Does this following scene resonate with you?…

Supper’s coming, supper’s coming… I know it’s coming… Eeehh, put it out of your mind til the last minute.  Then, oh my!  Quick, it’s 5:00.  Iinvade the fridge.  Pull open the freezer.  Pop some meat, this time hamburger, in the microwave to thaw.  Throw some veggies, ok, corn, in a kettle to cook.  Whoops, turn burner on medium so frozen corn does not burn.  Get meat out of microwave.  Put potatoes in baggies and in the ‘can’t live without’ microwave.  Put hamburger in frying pan.  Add taco seasonings.  Some water.  Possibly onion.  Maybe, if in the mood, whip up some bisquick biscuits to complement this well thought out meal.  When husband walks in the door finish string the sweet tea.  And, whoo-lah!  It’s baked potatoes with hamburger gravy and corn!

PS: I hope you are more thoughtful than I.

Sometimes, at work, before lunch even, I find myself mentally taking inventory of the freezer.  I’m not panicking at all….


The story of the Spaghetti-Mind Slide

Recently I read this blog – here.

Her post wasn’t about what I’m about to tell you, but it might give {in}sight into my thought process.  Stay with me.

She mentioned the movie Julie & Julia.  Which lead me to watch the preview.

Which then lead me to LIGHT BULB!


My now, new infatuation. . .


A cookbook.

Ok, I agree.  It’ not THAT cool.  Well, the new deemed treasure is “From Mother’s Cupboard; Hammer Creek Mennonite Church” – a wedding gift from my dear Aunt Sharon.  Which inside the front cover she wished God’s blessings on our wedding.  She’s so sweet.  🙂

So, in conclusion, in case this was difficult to follow.  I am planning on cooking from this cookbook, and this cookbook only, from now on… until I try MOSTLY every recipe.

“Will you blog about every recipe?” you ask.

I will blog as often I can.  Or when I remember to take a picture.  Knowing me, I will also blog about other life happenings besides what we are consuming.  One of my friends challenged me on this… Christy, was it you?  Do you remember?  Anyway, maybe I”m dumb to take this one on.  I don’t even know if I’ll get the book finished.  But, I know this is mostly inspired by my ‘fix it’ tendency.  Something to set in place so I don’t have to think about a menu.  I still have to think but I can start from somewhere now instead of nowhere.  I’m excited to expand my cooking repertoire as well!

The Fine Print:
1.  I am not planning on cooking every blessed meal from this cookbook.  Supper for sure when we are planning on being home and we don’t need to use up left overs.
2.  I will try to do as many of them as I can.  At this point, I already know that I won’t be cooking them all.  For example: the items in the Miscellaneous section like Deer Jerky, Zucchini Chow Chow & Pickled Watermelon Rind, most likely won’t be tried and tasted {unless the moment arises of course and we’re craving some hum-dinger chow chow!!}
3.  I’ve already calculated the fact that this will shift my grocery shopping trips.  With foods like Salmon Chowder, Eggplant Parmesan & Baked Indian Pudding (which calls for corn meal & molasses)
4.  As I see necessary and to my liking, I am allowing the privilege of altering recipes.  For instance, when there is Potato Soup I & Potato Soup II, I allow wiggle room to cook up a concoction of both.  Another reason for the alteration allowing is add more/different seasoning.  When I blog about this, I will try to note alterations.
5.  Each time I cook, I will make something from my cookbook.  Not everything on the table will be from the cookbook.  There may be some random time it will but I’m not locking myself into something fixed and has to be.  With leftovers, money in the budget and life, at least one thing, hopefully, will be from the C.o.o.k.book.  And, it’s no deal breaker to me if we just have cheese toast and caned tomato soup some chilly, unmotivated evening for supper some night either.   Thee end.



2 thoughts on “Welcome home! It’s time for din-din!

  1. Go You! That’s a challenge I could see myself sticking to, like, for about as long as my menu-making lasts. Which, by the way, is currently being revived. Sounds like some interesting meals coming up.


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