Soup to Sooth your Soul

A nationally celebrated holiday.  A blazing 100 degrees kinda day.  A day off with the husband to do projects around the farm.  I did all my ironing – whoop, whoop!! and hubs plowed our field (which is just about legally ours now).

He is such a hard worker.  Together we pulled the fence posts out with his dad’s tracker.  Our back yard looked so freeing!  Like it goes ON.  It’s not just a hop, skip and a jump to our property line from the back door.  I’m excited to plant grass and get our backyard looking more backyard-ish than a field that practicably runs into our patio.  Space.  It’s nice.  Grass.  Even better.

Now we’re dreaming about a bigger garden, animals and building another fence for said animals, a shed, maybe fire ring and then something for kids like a swing-set maybe.  But, we’re talking down the road – WAY down the road for all this.  And it could change.  Our dreams could totally change.   Like Jason’s idea to get alligators instead of goats.  You never know with my husband.

Jason also pulled out mesquite trees.  He sprayed them with killer stuff before we left for vacation to Pa.  We were excited to see just how dead they would be til we got back.  And, yup!  They were dead and ready to be relocated and disposed of!



We both worked hard.  We both felt good about our achievements when we were through.


For supper I settled on Potato Soup from my     There was Potato Soup I & Potato Soup II.  I, made a Potato Soup III by mixing them.  Here is my recipe.


4 Med potatoes, diced               2 Med Onions, chopped               4 hard boiled eggs, chopped                     1 can cream of chicken soup                    1 1/2 C milk               1/2 C carrots, chopped               1 tsp parsley               1 tsp salt               1/2 tsp pepper               1 Tbs butter

Opt: #1  Both recipes called for celery but we don’t like celery and therefore it does not exist in our kitchen; thus not in this recipe.  If you’d like, you can add 1/2 C chopped celery.  #2  I used red potatoes and did not peel them for color.

Cook & drain potatoes.  Stir in veggies, eggs, cream of chicken soup and milk, salt, pepper, parsley & butter.  Heat thoroughly.



2 thoughts on “Soup to Sooth your Soul

    1. How did we not talk about it in front of you?? I’m baffled quite honestly! But yes, we have officially, as of today, have just about 1 acre of land now. Yay! So now there is more to us than before 🙂


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