To speak or not to speak

Sometimes things happen and we don’t know why.

Sometimes things happen and we think we know why.

But will we ever?  Will we ever know how a situation affected even a lone shadow, or a wide eyed little around the corner?

Realizing the weight we carry in this day to day can be heavy.  Heavy to grasp.  Heavy to the worrier.  Down to the one word comments, shifty glances, color of clothes, teethy grins,or  jerking of heads.  Responsibility to own and take care of only me and what I do and say and my psychical responses.  Communication is so not just verbal.  There is body language – which caps at 93% of communication.  But like you, I like{love} talking.  I want to be heard!

When is being heard too much?  When is it right to speak up?  When is it right to not say anything, nothing at all?  Is it possible that a majority of the time I speak is to make myself look good, or defend myself, or to speak
out of fear (fear of you), or to insert info I might know… yes, dot, dot, dot.  Er, the list goes on.  Why do we utter those things we feel perhaps most impertinent and duly timely?  Yet, the root, from what I’ve learned, is either fear or pride.  Fear or pride is why I say what I say.  Fear or pride is why I do what I do.

I wonder if we saw things differently, the way God see us, would we say something differently.  If I had a visual of who God sees me to be, maybe I wouldn’t let fear or pride over take my verbal life.  I would pause for Christ to speak through me.  Maybe then I could offer more.  Offer more of me to you; in moments.  Offer life, the life that pulsates within me, which it does.  Offer more truth to others.  Offer more of me to fight for you.

“How would your life change if you could see yourself the way God sees you? If you could live your life without fear or defensiveness, how would that change what you offer to others and how you receive from others?” -Teresa Beachy


2 thoughts on “To speak or not to speak

  1. Hi Joylnn, I love your writing about talking very much. Have a good day.I’m baking bread today.Also bake some beef at the same time. And another dish with potatoes.I invited Myron (David & Helen’s son) for lunch. God bless you, Margaret


    1. Good to hear from you, Margaret! I hope your food was great! Maybe I should get some of your recipes sometime! 🙂 I need to post some more of my cooking from my cookbook that I’ve been doing.
      Hope your doing well and not missing Angela too much! 🙂


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