Because of this book…

Because of this book I’m reading, Thanksgiving this year is becoming somewhat of a challenging season for me.  See, I bought the book ‘1,000 Gifts’ and have been reading it, being challenged by her attitude and relentlessness to give thanks.  I love her open spirit and desire to see thanks in every day.  I wondered as I flipped pages if maybe I’m too happy in my cynical world.  Maybe I’m all too happy to be a complainer and a grumbler.  As if my poor outlook on life keeps me floating in my bubble.  Sometimes it’s easier to be ignorant or to refuse to see the light.

Then, I saw on Lysa TerKeurst’s facebook that she’s doing this Thanksgiving journal.  Everyday you can add to your wall what you’re thankful for that day.  So, I thought to myself, maybe ‘Ms Grouchy’ or ‘Ms I’m Fine Just The Way I am’ should try this.  Just think of something every day in the moment kinda thing that I’m thankful for.  I don’t want to make it a ‘I have to do this’ goal but more of an ‘Oh, can I think of anything throughout the day that I might have been thankful for’ or if I’m in the moment and realize that I truly am thankful for this or that and never really thought of it before.  Ok, that was a long sentence.

So, I’m not over the top, super psyched, can’t wait to start – into it.  I’m more, slowly awakening to the idea and the prospect of a thankful journal.  I’m wondering what it will do to me along the way?  Maybe nothing.  Maybe I’ll have some Ann Voskamp moments.  Actually I doubt the later.  Silly, I’m not her.  (I hate when I mentally hope to be more like somebody else.  Come on, I”m almost 30.  You’d think I’d grow out of that by now… ha ha)  Or maybe that only happens after you’re 30.  🙂

I know it’s 11/3 already.  So today I’ll post 3 thankfuls from November 1, 2 & 3.

Thankful #1  –  Thankful for rest.  The gift of rest that restores energy and newness of mind.  What a true blessing.

Thankful #2  –  I’m thankful for my husband whom I can laugh with.  He is such a wonderful supportive rock in my life.

Thankful #3  –  Yard sales.  They are wonderful little paradises of deals!


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