Thankfuls continued – life is hard joy

Thankful #4 – For last minute Sunday lunch invites when you don’t feel like cooking. And for late night movie parties at our house with a group of great people! (Way lifter of spirits… when feeling sickish- JOY!)

Thankful #5 – thankful(?) for hurting friends that tell me how they’re feeling. Hearing of those hurting causes me to think and pray for them more often.

I am left to wonder why do those we love and are close to have to suffer? And I have to watch it unfold right before my eyes and can’t ‘fix’ her life. Oh, the pain to feel helpless. I so badly want to whisk her away and give her a new shot at life. A different and better life. But God is writing her story and my desire is to be open to what God is whispering to my heart during this time. Where is the joy in her life? Hard joy. The kind we have to reach for. How can speak life to her? How can I be a better friend to her? What can I learn from her? “God, help me to hear You…”

Thankful #6 – thankful for the celebration of family. On this day we celebrated a mother signing over her rights of her child to my in-laws to proceed with an adoption! Also in this same family we celebrated a son turning 21!
Joy was in their house tonight!


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