Thankful smiles

Thankful #13 – Everything is ok with our little peanut. We heard the heartbeat again today – a beating 150x per min! He is alive! Sometimes I get so worried something is going to go wrong. I get scared I might lose the baby. It frightening! Rather I frighten myself! But, all is well with lil peanut!! Praise the Lord!! (yes, someday a pic and more info coming! Right now it’s taking all I have to keep up with this daily list!)

Thankful #14 – thankful for our bodies and how they are designed to tell us what we need. When we need nourishment, we feel hunger pains. When we are dry, we crave liquid. When we have energy we feel the desire to move. And, when we are worn, we long for rest.
Not that I always listen to my body, but it does know what’s going on and what it needs more than I!

Thankful #15 – smiles. Shared from one to another, sweet and real. The simplest yet most sincere and soul fulfilling gift.
Share one today!

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