Almost thanksgiving

Thankful #16 – Just another day in paradise!  Thankful for the life God gave me. 

Thankful #17 – Focus on the Family: Radio Theater.  Check out Oliver Twist!  You can listen on-line now on here

Thankful #18 – dreams that come true! I was thinking last night before I drifted off to sleep that it would be neat to be invited to a certain somebody’s house for Sunday lunch. The very next morning we get a text from this dear angel inviting Jason and yours truly for lunch. It made me smile! I know, I know! I can’t expect to get invited away like almost every Sunday lunch! But this time it was extra special. Sorry I can’t slip those reasons or else I’ll have to kill you or something like that! Ha ha!!:)

Thankful # 19 –  Visitors.  Smiling faces of weary travelers.  And even bigger smiles when gushing over 5 weeks in of their wedding bliss!  Sigh, such young lovers…  🙂

Thankful #20 – Adrenalin.  To live off of newness.  For a time.  Excitement.  Though short lived, it’s something to be thankful for in the moment!


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