Giving cheesy thanks

Was planning on posting this a few days long time ago but beings we are busy and away I’m only now getting around to posting this now.

I have this thing with giving cheesy thanks. When I hear things like, “I’m thankful for my house” – I get this thought that, “Well, yeah, aren’t we all?” It sounds cheesy to me.And then I wonder if we know what it really would be like to be homeless: house-less. And then, if we would know what that would be like for real, in our gut we could honestly say we are so thankful for our house.

The quick phrase begs for experience to merit authenticity and to soft give heart.  Maybe it’s the tone of voice I’m fighting.  Maybe it’s the mumbled manner in which it’s often muttered I resist.  A quick filler to pass the pop quiz.

Then I think of the pain in thanksgiving.  Do I know what it means to be homeless, the pain of less.  Through pain in this case, might my desire be to give thanks?  Thanks for what I have now when having gone through less (assuming once was homeless and now living in a an actual house).
Maybe sometimes it doesn’t always have to have pain that turn our hearts to true thanks.
Maybe joy.
Perhaps the house is brand new or restored for the better and now, today we smile from ear to ear and say we are thankful for our house.
So, maybe for me, not hearing those back story is what makes “I’m thankful for my house” sound cheesy.
ALL THAT TO SAY, I feel like if I, myself, am going to give thanks, I need to tell myself a ‘why’. Put some heart and thought into it and own it. Proclaim it out loud maybe, to God.  So, if I am thankful for my house, I want to hear my why.  Why am I thankful for my house?  What does my house mean to me?
So, my list of the past 3 days maybe do sound cheesy but I really am thankful for them and I have a reason for them, a reason for me.  For myself.
So without further adieu, *ahem*, cheesy thanks…

Thankful #21 – Thankful for airplanes and cars that get us places faster to where we want to go.

Thankful #22 – Thankful for my whole, huge, unique, crazy family. Thankful that we can be together, all together that is, yup, every single one of us.

Thankful #23 – Thankful for moments to slow down and enjoy mother daughter moments.  They are few are far between!



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