So very thankful!

Thankful #24 – happy for Texas in the city; the city of Philly that is.  And it really was the real brisket stuff too!

Thankful #25  – that I need the gospel as much as the unsaved.

Thankful #26 – thankful for tears shared with a brother.

*BONUS*  Thankful for that second scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream after losing the first after only one lick.  *sweetNESS!*

Thankful #27 – Thankful to be back home in our house, and in our bed, after a day of traveling.

Thankful #28 – Christmas music and decorating for Christmas in the south.  There really is a charm to having petunias blooming next to my green wintry garland and bright red Christmas bows, while I’m in flip-flops.

Thankful #29 –  It was a lousy day.  Back to work.  I’m thankful it’s over.

Thankful #30 – So very thankful for our little peanut!  Due May 18th!  Pics and a post to come soon!  🙂


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