A Zimmy Thanksgivey


My lovely family.  Looking all adultish and grownup.  The youngest of us siblings is 18 and a senior {and looking quite glowy I might add}.  Of 7, 3 are married, 1 seriously dating and the other 3 boys are, how do you say it?, unattached? as best to my knowledge.  🙂

Thanksgiving 2012.  Turkey & stuffing & pecan {pi-ˈkän, pi- ˈkan or ˈpē-ˌkan} pie.   Ok, you decide.

So, there we all are.  Minus the kidos.

They were sitting over here at the bar.  Having a blast with their doodle on Thanksgiving table-cloth, toilet paper roll characters & candy.


Thanksgiving this year was held at my oldest brother’s.  That was a first timer for us.  For mom.  Usually mom goes through the hassle of getting the kitchen smelling amazing and the dinning room all prettied up.  Not sure if it was hard or not for her to give up that responsibility this time….  It worked out really nice though.  I felt like it was just a wonderful day.  The family time was better than usual.  Nobody ran off to so and so’s or went home to watch the ‘game’.  No one fell asleep.  We all were together.  Everyone.  It was nice.  So glad to be home for the holiday!

The weather was even unseasonably warmer this year – like in the 60’s!  The little kids even were running around barefoot!  As tradition, the men + Rachel played football.  Rachel playing isn’t the tradition part though, FYI.  I believe it was her first time… er, well, she may have played back in her dating days!  Usually I LOVE to run around too, looking more like a chicken with its head cut off and have fun grabbing at my brothers but this year is different.  As will the next year with a brand new 6 month old.  My youthful days are nearing an end most likely.

Even Dad played.


Caleb played too.  He’s 7.  Already.IMG_1227 IMG_1229

Jason had fun playing.  No, he’s not crying here.  Probably mentally envisioning his next move.IMG_1241

The fans.  Some of us by default.  Some because they were p.r.e.t.t.y preoccupied… {happy grin}

{ Me, squeezing my nieces and nephews as m.u.c.h as I can – while I can! }


Did ya notice the 2 sets of bare feet and the other one down on the end?  One might think we are in Texas…

Hayley had my camera and was having quite the busy spree snapping and snapping.  I think all of the football shots are done by this future photo grapher.

I proposed to her that we get a shot of ‘us’.

We held the camera out.  Click.  Looked at the review screen.

Agreed we needed to take 2.


Click, again.  We looked at the review screen.  Hayley sings out in her matter of fact voice, “This one’s reeeel-lly good.”IMG_1244I’m still baffled each time I look at this shot what qualifies this pic as ‘good’.  Serious potato heads must be in I suppose…

More of us potato heads.  

While in Pa, we were able to stop in at this bachelor’s apt.


He lives in the big city of Lancaster.IMG_1254Our stay also included a Sunday night supper with the Zimmerman grandparents and the entire Zimmy tribe again.  It was a bit crazy.

Glad for the chance to sit and chit-chat with this dear one.  Glad to make memories and giggle over soup from mom’s kettle.  When we were young, we called her the laughing grandma.


Me and almost a year old Hunter.  He is such a cute pumpkin.

Pumpkins and potatoes it is I guess.

IMG_1274It was so good to see family again.  It was well worth it to meet Josh’s lovely girlfriend from Illinois.

It will be sad to not be there for Christmas for the first time.  EVER.  It helps that the famous Duane & Lucy will be here for the sentimental season.  {Bursting bliss}

My parents have eagerly enticed me with the idea of them coming to visit over Easter.  Oh, I do hope it becomes a reality….


Trying to live in the moment while eagerly anticipating the tomorrows,



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