The sights of Christmas

Just a peek in our house this year.  It is so much fun decorating and pulling out secrets long forgotten and stashed away.  Last year I bought 2 stockings after Christmas that were on sale.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled them out of my Christmas box!


Not having a mantle to hang the stocking on, I had to get a little creative…  I was pretty tickled with how it turned out 🙂

My nativity.  I’m not sure where I got it from.  I know it comes from home.  I should ask mom about it.  Somehow it ended up with me and my stuff and … hence today it is still with me and my stuff.  I think they are chalk figurines.  I always feel very cautious with them and don’t want to knick them in any way.

Some more decor

And the wreath and our lil porch.  No we didn’t do lights.  “That costs money!” says the good little Mennonites…

$$$  I’m looking forward to more after Christmas sales this year!  It is the best time to buy people!  After getting my stuff out and sprinkling it around the house I found myself saying, “Humm, gonna need more tinsel for next year.  Oh, and long white candles… and some red ones.  More wreath sprig thingys…”  Yup, looking forward to shopping Dec 26!

There’s a party waiting to happen down here next week!  Since we were in Pa for thanksgiving we are staying in Texas for Christmas.  Duane & Lucy are driving down and with them Rachel, Jason’s sister who lives in Virginia.  Also, Jason’s Uncle Ben’s are coming with their 3 youngest.  Lots of parting and celebrating going on!

Hey, the partys down here ya’ll!

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