Our Christmas Week; Boot kick- part I

Our week of Christmas has flown by like a flurry.  Family coming to Texas is always a busy time.  I believe I made supper only one night this past week (which was, no offense to anyone, but fine by me).

Saturday, the day our travelers were due to arrive, I bustled out to Waco to hit some stores in the morning.  I knew it was 3 days before Christmas but I didn’t care.  With no real purchases in mind but a determination to scope a bunch more stores for that perfect boot.  This time, without ‘dragging’ the hubby ragged beside me.  I searched high and low, up and down, and tried on and breezed past SSOOOOO many boots.  I was slightly annoyed.

I have my eye on a certain style, height, heal, toe shape and color.  Oh, and price.  Color: that lighter tan, kinda caramel color.  Style: the slouchy kind, possibly described as wrinkles 🙂  Heal: slight to an inch and a halfish.  Toe:  not cowboy looking which means no to the pointy look.  Height: mid calf to below the knee.  And this wonderful design must cost somewhere no higher than $70ish.  Do you think I’m too picky?

At the mall I kept seeing people skipping around in their happy boots and wanted to ask each one WHERE in WACO they bought them?!!

{here is where I wanted to copy and paste pics from google to help with the mental image but Chrome and Safari were not co-operating.  But I saw what I want here and here for starters anyway}

Today I’ve spent a good bit of my day surfing the internet.  It’s the last day of the year after all.  Aren’t all the stores putting their leftovers on sale to clear out their inventory?  Good theory, eh?  I’m getting well acquainted with ladies shoe sites.  Shoe sites such as Zappos, 6PM.COM and DSW.  I can be pretty determined.  It’s like an addiction.  Don’t quit til you find it!  Behind me I hear my mother chiding me in my ear as in days of yore to get ‘busy’.  Did she not teach me anything??

Alas, the hunt continues.  A compromise might be in my immediate future with this cold weather sticking around.  It’s been in the 40-50’s during the day and 30-20’s at night.  Boots are a must!


One thought on “Our Christmas Week; Boot kick- part I

  1. 🙂 And have you found them, yet? I don’t think you’re being too picky. Sometimes you know JUST what you want. Most times if you’re patient you can find it eventually. 🙂 And I would totally ask a stranger where they bought their adorable boots! It’s like a compliment. No?


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