Let the par-tay begin – part II

Our dear weary travelers arrived Saturday.  Evenings spent together began with great happiness.  Family together times ignited.  Throughout the evening that first night probably everyone around here had dropped in where Duane’s were staying to say ‘hi’ including us.

Sometime between then and Sunday night it got planned.  First it was thought to leave around 8AM.  But, by the end of things, we were planning on 6AM.

Jason’s {older, or old enough to go} nieces and nephews we pumped and excited.

Monday morning found us rubbing the sleepy poo out of our eyes at 5:30ish.  We packed our backpacks, ice chests, coffee and snacks and were off – er, with some delays as can be expected with a crowd of 15 or so.


Enchanted Rock; Fredericksburg, Tx.


This picture may not do the ‘rock’ justice.  But imagine climbing up a huge rock, protruding up from the surface of the flat earth.  A rock with smooth sides and crumbly rocky sides and steep sides once you neared the summit.  Seriously people!  It’s a H.U.G.E rock!  You don’t just run up it like a little hill like it may appear in these pictures.

IMG_1411Being pregnant and slightly slipping on my deep desire to walk 3-4x per week may have caused this momma to be out of shape too.  I did have two very accommodating friends who brought up the rear with me, Lucy and Faye.  We enjoyed our spot lagging behind the groupo.  Someone, I forget who, mentioned weaving while pressing on and on and up.

Weaving.  I must say, it received laughs from some.  But it was our efforts to minimize the aching legs.  “When 2 or more are gathered to an idea there is comfort.” thus saith, Jolynn.

IMG_1368 ~ weaving here ~


Some pics along the way

Starting out


Random shots of ‘us’ at the sign

Trekking on. . . .

Some proved their fitness and macho-ness and raced up to the top.  Do you see those itty-bittys at the tippy-top??



Alas, we made it!

Everybody on top of the world.

{ e n c h a n t e d }


Us Weavers 🙂IMG_1383


The rest of the ladies (sorry, no pic of the guys)IMG_1387

The adventure continues.


At the top there was a cave off to the side that is open to the public.  It was no task for just any body, shape or size.  At 4 months, I was not too great with child yet that I fit through most squeezes.  With a flash light it was so worth it.  Someone let me barrow their nifty light that you put around your head.  Really, I found this cave the right balance of a challenge and adventure all the while not consistently claustrophobic.  When you think of caves, you might think of a low ceiling tunnel, maybe.  But this one was crawling and sliding around and down rocks and most of the time you could stand up.  Every now and then you could see streaks of light piercing through above and feel the chill of the wind.

At the entrence of the cave

There goes Jason!


After the cave excursion, we headed back down the rock for lunch.  We had packed a yummy picnic lunch and just chilled – yeah, almost literally too.  I hadn’t mentioned the weather yet; it was a chilly day.  When we left I think I remember it was somewhere around the 40’s.  By the afternoon it had warmed up to 60’s; which is perfect hiking weather.  The sun on the rock was warmish and much welcomed.

After lunch everyone energetically planned to hike some more.  I started out with them though, less enthused and after about 15 min, I backed out and went back to the van for a lovely nap til they came back.  This momma to be needs her rest…

Then we headed the 2.5hr drive back.  Happy and tired.  The End.


3 thoughts on “Let the par-tay begin – part II

  1. Why, why, why couldn’t you live there when I did??? I love hiking, but when I lived no hiking spots existed. Hmmm. I love the “around the sign” pictures. Looks fun, and the sky is so BLUE. I also love the picture of you and Lucy and Faye…and I love y’all!


    1. Hey, I know there were fun things you did when you lived here too though… like the canoe trip thing! I still want to do that someday…
      And, I can get grumpy sometimes about the non existant hiking trails too 😦 It would be fun to hang out w/ ya’ll if you lived in town!


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