Christmas; Part III

As January slips by I am still attempting to chronologically blog our Christmas week.  So many more posts have popped into my head since I’ve started writing and thus leaving me less thrilled and eager to get my Christmas words and pics up on here.  But I want to finish what I’ve begun… (I’ve also noticed some other things on here that I’ve started and never finished.)  Hopefully after I get this Christmas stuff wrapped up I can finished those thoughts in previous posts which I’ve never completed!  (Can you tell I’m a project started – NOT completer 😦

~ ~ ~

Christmas Day!

Last year, in honor of Jason’s mom, we displayed a trinity candle in the center of the table.  We believe that’s where mom is, dancing with the trinity right now.  This year we redisplayed the center piece.  Mom was and still is missed.  Especially at special holidays like Christmas.

IMG_0018The following shots are some before the meal.  I should mention that all these photos are from Jason’s iPad that he took.  In case you were wondering, they are kinda random shots.    Mostly for memories sake.

Me and Faye learning something ‘this big’ from Carla here…

Some of the young adults here looking rather fine and gentlemenly as they politely chit-chat
IMG_0020The ‘mother’ ladies doing what they do best – make yummy food.  (Disclaimer here: I feel like I should mention not everyone turning about below is a ‘mother’ but none the less good at making ‘yummy food!…)


And, some random table shots.  Kinda hard to see but I figured I’d post them for you family members out there reading this.

IMG_0578 IMG_0579 IMG_0580And it was a cold and colder still kinda day.  Unlike other Christmas’s I’ve experienced here in Texas.  No afternoon walk for 2012!  Perhaps it was the weather that brought about the change in venue for Friesen’s gatherings but this year we played GAMES!  Growing up as a Zimmerman, I’ve played so many games at family things.  But, as they say, every family is different and the Friesen’s hardly ever play games.  They talk.  Which is good too.  It’s just different.  And different is ok too.  🙂  

~ ~ ~

The day after Christmas had me starving for those leftover Christmas decor deals at Hobby Lobby.  A shopping trip was planned with me, Lucy, Rachel, Norma and Irene.  It was fun.  I kinda had an agenda that day.  CHEAP-cheap Christmas decor and an eye on Boots.  It was a fun-filled day with the ladies.  I don’t think I was too pushy or bossy about stores.  I hope I was considerate of the others and their shopping lists too  🙂

I still had to work with all our family around and Thursday & Friday were no exception.  Jason’s niece and my great friend Faye, agreed to split my shift with me on Thur so I could hang out with the ladies.  They were making lunch that day – a Friesen family thing called wareneki.  (it’s German)  I really wish I had a picture to show you peoples who have NO CLUE what I’m talking about.  They are cottage cheese pockets and you eat them with a cream gravy.  They’re not bad, honestly.  I first time I had them I only ate like one or two cause I wasn’t sure about them.  But now I eat like 3.  Ok, 3 isn’t that much more than 2 but these suckers are a heavy dish to eat – as in these doughy pockets really fill you up!  Some of Jason’s sister’s can pack away like 5 and I can’t see how!                                                                           The rest of the afternoon was spent quilting – ie: me and Lucy talking to the others while they quilted! :0  It’s a quilt that Jason’s mom bought for Jason.  Now that she passed away it has been dug out of the closet and the sisters have been so kind as to get it quilted for us.  I’m glad to have something personally from his mom like this.

Later that evening I made a quick drive to Starbucks with Lucy and Faye to spend time with my good friend Resha.  She’s around for the holidays as well.  Currently she is teaching school far, far away in Florida.  She is such a gem of a lady and I miss her muchly!

Friday I did my long day, working 6-2.  Lucy stopped over for the afternoon and some good ol’ girl time.  Supper we headed over to Joe & Lois for Duane’s craving fix of chicken and rice & beans.  Which, was um-umm good as usual!  That night the entire family dropped in to say good-bye to Duane’s and Rachel since they were planning on driving back to Virginia and Pa early the next morning.

That evening at Joe’s house was fun and loud as always!  It was also Rachel’s birthday and some surprise gifts were pulled out of the woodwork that totally caught her off guard.  Fun to see her reaction.  Instead of cake Norma and Irene made New Year’s cookies and everyone pigged out on those.  They’re deep-fried dough balls with raisins in them and then coated with powered sugar – yes, another Friesen family favorite!

And that’s about it!  My Christmas week is officially blogged and finished!

Til next time! 🙂


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