Way back in the month of September

Way back in September I got this brain storm to aid in my ‘not-so-wild-bout-cooking’ slump.  Cooking has been felt as something I gotta do.  Not necessarily an anticipated joy or hobby, if know what I mean.  So, I was gonna whisk up some creativity to make cooking fun.  I picked out a cookbook, and believe you me, it was a slim one at that to, and decided to as most times possible, make supper from this what I felt to be a blessed treasure.  My goal was to secure all future supper plans as I attempted to cook my way through the entire thing (excluding the rare to me and strangish recipes.)  Problem-o solved!!!

Around that same time, a wonderful new and anticipated miracle was developing and little did I know that it would interfere with my cookbook cure.  Making a baby is exciting, we were/are ecstatic to be first time ever parents!, until, that was for me, the 2nd month hit.  And, believe me, it hit alright.  It hit like a mac truck.

The month of October was like a bad nightmare.  Looking back I wanna scratch out that month on the calendar or better yet take that page and tear it into a million tiny pieces and burn it.  Intense hunger pangs.  Over-throwing-entire-body lethargicness  (new word).  Smells (and the sights of some raw foods) sending my stomach and eyes into convulsions.  Toilets and I getting better acquainted early mornings.  Yeah, that’s enough detail.

And the funny thing is, that first time I threw up or felt sickish, I was like totally caught off guard and didn’t have the sense to connect it to morning sickness.  But then when it crept up to feeling sick every morning and late afternoon into evening, it wasn’t funny anymore and I began to wonder just how long exactly this was moving in???  I mean, you hear of some people who are sick the ENTIRE 9 MONTHS!  Was this going to be me?  Oh My Word!

Seriously.  I had no energy to cook.  Plus, those smells grossed me out so bad.  I was tired of ginger ale, sucking candy, having to store snacks by my bed and guzzling down fruit juices.  Finally it weened off to just evening were my worst time and then by the middle-endish of November it was completely gone.  Now, we’re just hungry as a horse all the time. 🙂

And guess what?

The cookbook fiesta is back!  I absolutely am in love with cooking these days!  I’m cooking evenings again.  No more hubby fending for himself.  (He really was sweet about it though then)  Now-a-days (is that a dutchy phrase?) I find myself flipping through my cookbooks searching for that perfect dish that includes my groceries tucked in my cupboards.  It’s really quite fun.  I enjoy buying groceries more lately too, because that means I get to try more yummy things.  I’m glad I’m physically changing and changing to like what was once, oh, sooooo dreaded.

I’m not doing just that one cookbook anymore, though.  Since my new found ‘love’ (ha- we’ll see how long it sticks around here on Hackberry!) that cookbook which I originally began with is turning out to be so small and limited to what it has to offer me.  Lately I’ve had 3-4 cookbooks out on the counter that are my favs.  Do you have any of these?

  1. Weavertown School Family Cookbook (that’s what it’s technically titled but I always call it the Weavertown Cookbook.)
  2. The Basics and More
  3. Wow!  This is Sugar-free
  4. And the original From Mother’s Cupboard; Hammer Creek Mennonite Church

Now, the sugar-free book was a Christmas gift and I honestly am hoping to be able to cook more from it in the future.  I so far only made one recipe from this one.  And it didn’t require any ‘different’ ingred.  If I wanna use this one I just need to remember to purchase some of those different ingredients such as apple or grape juice concentrate, barley malt, carob powder (which you would find in what aisle?) and applesauce.  Hey, we defiantly could eat less sugar around here!  It’s not a bad idea to start.  America eats so much sugar in a year ‘they say’…  🙂

So that’s my wordy update on my cooking and morning sickness.  Cooking is going better and I’m starting to feel our lil peanut doing somersaults daily these days – and daddy too!  Which is awesome and now a joint shared happiness!

4 more months baby!



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