The secret’s out!

In December, Jason and I sat in a room with the ultrasound tec and with our eyes glued to the screen on the wall watched the movements of our baby.  It has now been about a month and a half since we found out our baby has 10 fingers & toes, 2 arms and legs, a healthy heart beat and all those other things it is they check for during the standard halfway check.

Our baby was ok.  Healthy.

I’m not usually a pessimist, but with making a baby, I feel so utterly  helpless in guaranteeing a healthy, perfectly normal child.  The only thing I have control of in this process is my diet, exercise and getting enough rest.  Every time the Dr. needs to check for their next normal procedure, something always goes through me.  Oh, I hope my baby will be healthy.  Yet, “You never know”, I think to myself.  What if our baby has DS or is diabetic or autistic or has some other health issue…. ??  What if I do something stupid like ~ take too hot a bath, jump or any other exerting of my body too weird/wrong without thinking or eat too much cold lunchmeat or drink too much caffeine (hey, you never know!) or lose the baby suddenly? What if?  What if?……

I know I can’t let these worries get to me.

I could let myself go crazy if I allow myself to camp in worry-land.  I just like to brace myself for anything to go wrong.  I know if we had a child with DS or autism or anything else, Jason and I would embrace and love our child with every fiber of our being.  We want to accept God‘s plan for our lives whatever that plan may be.  Jason and I pray for lil’ peanut’s health every night.  That to me is so important.  It’s the only power we  have.  Still, I hope and pray for a healthy baby.  I don’t care how big or little or blonde or dark haired this kiddo is going to be as long as our peanut is ALIVE first and HEALTHY is God wills!

During that visit in Dec with the tec and the wand with lots of gel, we found out wether our lil’ peanut is a boy or girl.  🙂  Jason and I decided to keep it a secret and plan a gender reveal party when we knew family was going to be around.  Can I just say right here and now that it was SO MUCH FUN?!!  It was tons of fun to plan!  Fun to keep the secret from family and friends!  Fun to hear everybody’s gender guess and their occasional ‘why’ they guessed what they did.  Oh, if you’ve never planed a gender reveal party or gone to one, your missing out!  Let me tell you about ours…

The invitations read:

gender reveal e-mails jpeg


So everyone had to wear blue or pink and when they came in the door, cast their vote on the chalkboard.  And just for fun, I bought stickers for everyone – mustaches for the boy vote and princess crowns for the girl vote.


If was fun watching mostly everyone come in the door decked out in pink or blue.

I wish I would have gotten pics of all our guests or at least pics of the blue team and pink team (more on that later).


Here we happened to get a pic of one fun couple who were not in agreement with their guess for baby Friesen’s gender.


Oh, and I wish we had a picture of Tim’s hat!  It still makes me sad that we missed that moment.  (Actually, Lucy or Susanna or anybody else, if you have a picture of Tim, can you please e-mail it to me?  🙂

Setting on the table was a bottle filled with blue and, sadly, not pink but red M&M’s. I really wanted to get blue and pink jelly beans and only after  I bought the M&M’s did I find them but it was too late and I didn’t have time to return them.  They could guess how many red M&M’s and blue M&M’s were stuffed inside.  I gave them a clue that there were slightly more of correct gender color in the bottle.


Us with the final tally marks.  It was 16 votes boy and 11 votes girl.


Moving on . . .


Big family = big noise.

It was loud night and by the end of the evening I was extremely parched from all my strained efforts to talk above the noise!

Anyway, game one was a gender statistic quiz.  9 questions of ‘what are the odds of having a boy vs. girl’ & what is the most popular day of the week for babies to be born’ kinda questions.  It was fun and everyone got into it.



The next game we played was hilarious!  Jason got each person/group on video so there are no pics.  Everyone divided into 2 teams, pink vs. blue.  I had printed out a bunch of nursery rhymes that are pretty familiar like, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Jack & Jill & Georgie Porgie.  Then a person from one of the teams (blue started because there was more of them than pink) drew a rhyme and could either  act it out on their own or pick a partner to help.  They were not allowed to talk but could make noises.

Everyone did SUCH a GOOD job!  We laughed and laughed!  I’ll never forget Phil kissing the girls, Carla screaming on her tuffit, and Kendall jumping over Derek’s impression of a moon! – to name a few!


it was time for the great reveal!

I had baked cupcakes with an M&M inside each one and then everyone would find out what baby Friesen was when they saw the middle!

Jason and I handed them out and everyone had to hold their cupcake in their hands until we all had one.


on the count of 3




And the answer was:



I think I remember people cheering.  It was loud and I was laughing.  People we smiling.

There was “I knew it!” ‘s and “Awe!” ‘s. Everyone was excited.  *Sigh* 🙂  It was so much fun!

Then, Duane read a poem for Jason & me.  Have you ever heard the Indian Love Poem?  It’s hilarious!


Ok, now’s the food part for all you foodies!

Snack included ‘Momma’s Craving’s:

  • veggie chips
  • salad with mexican dressing
  • cereal (rice crispies & puppy chow)
  • sweet tea
  • coffee WITH creamer

Ok, this pic of the food is kinda whatever.  I’m not sure what’s even under the bowl with the tea towel… maybe the lil smokies Irene made?  Yes, some of Jason’s sisters pitched in with more food to make it more of a meal-y type snack.  So we got more than what momma’s cravings were 🙂


I also baked another rainbow cake ~ this time blue 🙂



Aren’t mustache’s the cutest things!!??





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