One Valentine’s romance

IMG_1645Ok, with a title like that please don’t stop reading!  If Valentine’s makes you sick because you don’t have that special someone to dine with or be doted on, please don’t think I’m going to fill this post with lots and lots of gushy, mushy details and lovey, dove romance!

But, I would like to write about my unexpected day and how in the end we realized it was monumental.

A couple of weeks ago, Jason made some comment in passing about what the big deal about Valentine’s Day was.  I remember just sorta shrugging off his comment and not saying anything, but… inside feeling slightly saddened.  I knew at the time he had a lot of stuff on his mind and I wondered if it was just the thought of going to the work of simply planning one more thing that was another stresser to add to his pile.

IMG_1649 We did have a lot going on in the beginning of this month and in the next two-three weeks look fullish too.
Now, I’m not a huge guru for Valentine’s.  I don’t plan weeks on ahead for that evening. Actually, knowing me, I’m probably more of a last-minute planner for that one.  I could see myself going on my trusted date night website, thedatingdivas and concocting some simple, yet meaningful little DIY evening at home.  (After Jason’s comment, that was actually was what I mentally resorted to in my mind…)  So, I was ok with low-keying it but not skipping it all together.








I’m not a huge flower person.  I love them when I get them but chocolate wins hands down for me if I had to pick between the two.

So, earlier this week the what to do for Valentine’s Day convo came up.  I had to work that day from 6-2 and as always, that’s a very early, long day for this preggo momma and requires a lot of R&R when I get home.  Somehow Jason decided on his own that we would go out to eat then that night so I wouldn’t have to cook.  “Awesome!”, I thought.  So we’ll at least do something and I won’t have to do anything.  🙂  I mentioned to him too, that I don’t want to be super dressy either, just nice-casual.

Now, back to what I was saying earlier about not being a huge Valentine’s guru… I’m not.  But, I always feel like we should do something.  Wether it’s a night at home with a redbox and take out or a simple picnic (weather permitting) outside with sparkling grape juice and egg sandwiches, it just seems like Valentine’s should be celebrated at least. a. little. bit…

When I came home from work, to what did my wondering eyes discover?!  I was completely caught off guard!


My super busy husband, who has a lot to think about and plan and do these days, had actually took the time to not buy but MAKE me a cute card.  The printer wasn’t cooperating so it’s kinda streaky but I absolutely love the imperfection of it.  And what he wrote inside will be treasured in my heart for years to come as well.  Sorry if that part got too muchy for some of ya!

Our dress code for the evening wasn’t going to be dressy like I said, but somehow we ended up with this outfit for me.  And when Jason came home, he ended up with a nice dress shirt and jeans.  So, we landed on the dressy-er-er side of casual.  And when I mentioned something about being too dressy, Jason said, “No, no, no.  This is good.”…..  

Impromptu pics before leaving.  My husband’s photographic eye seized an opt, hence these pics.  He really has a photographer gift which I’m learning to appreciate time and time again.  (I always like the pics after the fact but not so much in the moment)  So we had a photo shoot by the fence before we left, with the sun’s soft glow in the background.

This is a little embarrassing, but here’s my whole WIW thing going on.  I know, I know, I look like I have to pee.  But I just did – twice! before we got to this point in our evening, so that’s not the case here, ha ha.  :p  But, I do think I need some preggo modeling lessons, wad-da-ya think?


We ended up at BJ’s in Waco.  There was a 45 min wait but the time evaporated quickly with our critiquing practically everyone’s wardrobe that walked in the door, and before long we were seated.  So if you ever see us at a resturant waiting to be seated and smiling at you through clenched teeth, we’re probably just muttering comments to each other about your clothes.  That’s all.  🙂

Earlier that day, Jason had wondered where I wanted to go and I mentioned that we should go somewhere we both have never been to before.  And, BJ’s is one place that recently went up and we’ve talked of trying it sometime anyway.  If you are not familiar with this restaurant, it’s like Applebee’s or Olive Garden – as in that price range.  We really liked it.  Oh, and I forgot to say that he surprised me too.  🙂


We asked our waitress to get a shot of us.  Does anybody else still do this???


Somewhere tucked into our conversations in the course of the evening we got to talking about how is our last Valentine’s out with out children.  Next year, if we go out, we’ll probably take our lil peanut with us or have to deal with lining up a babysitter – something totally foreign to us at this point.  This moment was special.  And I want to say sacred.  It definitely felt like it was a milestone, one that was highly relished because we were realizing something huge that night.  It was just us.  In it together.  We were alive, connecting, enjoying our time together and fully engaged.

It was good.

The next chapter of our lives will be completely different.  You and I can both tell me that.  But for one night, we lived in the moment.  We celebrated.

To full to eat dessert we left.  But, on the way home we stopped for



chocolate chip mint ice cream

for a snack when we got back.



Hope your day was real!


4 thoughts on “One Valentine’s romance

  1. Aww, Jolynn, I LOVE this post!!! I just feel so happy for you for a day that was perfect in its own way, and that you were celebrated. (Go, Jay!) It’s cool that you can have these times and treasure them knowing they’re your last “alone” ones and appreciate them for what they are. You are so very adorable, too; and I like your happy clothes.


    1. Thanks, Christy! I so badly wanted to tell you because you were so tempting me with the boy things we wanted to give away! I hope it’s going good for you and the sun in shinning in your Atlanta world today! 🙂


  2. The talking thru a smile & clenched teeth thing….
    Did you learn this from me & Lucy or did we learn this from you?
    Looks like a wonderful Valentines celebration. Glad you could revel in the two-some moment. 🙂 We stayed home with our little munchkin and feasted on Chinese takeout 🙂


    1. Oh, Michele! I don’t know if that was from me or you two! But my guess would be that it’s one of you two that brought it up and made us laugh over ourselves! Baby Olivia looks so sweet! I’m sure staying home and eating Chinese was a wonderful way to celebrate V-day this year! So happy for you guys!


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