What I’m reading these days.

Because, well, I have 10 more weeks til baby arrives and I just quit my job.  I know I need to cherish and hold dear this special time of ‘just us’ but I kinda freaks me out because I’ve only known work since I was 14.  Yeah, I started my first job then.  It was Friday’s after school at a Farmers market called Green Dragon.  Ever heard of it?  🙂  Loved it!  I got to see all the Mennonites – every age, stripe and style!  And I had my first boyfriend experience… did I just say that out loud?  Those were the days of living in Menno land, Ha.

So, as I was saying, I’m no longer working.  I’m at home.  And I can’t go shopping everyday – Hubs would not like that too much, to be honest. *huge grin* – although I might find that hugely satisfying and fulfilling I’m afraid.  Sigh.  Upon another sigh for needing to take deep breaths on occasion.  (I will not be preggo forever, I remind myself!)  Soon I will be working, in a different way, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  As they tell me, having time and sleep will be a luxury.  Live it up now.

Ok, as I was saying, here is my ‘What I’m Reading List’:


1.  Kisses from Katie

I read this on in Feb.  If you want to be challenged to do what you really want to do, inspite of family opinion and living outside your daily comforts – read this book.  Katie is a young 20’s girl who took on the challenges with gusto and passion in Uganda to fight for love, something every child, adult and person created by God deserves.

You can follow her blog here to learn more about her life.

I shouldn’t tell you this, but after reading this book, my urge to adopt became heightened and poor Jason had to hear all my latest brainstormes and dreams to adding to our family.  And it didn’t help that around that time I got invited to go to a Foster/Adoption conference, so you can imagine afterwards my desire was mounting and I was ready to bring in the kidos!  (Can any of you relate to my passion to take on all the worlds problems??)  🙂



This book has been out for a while.  I finally got around to reading it.  I love Abby’s honesty.  She talks about how in the beginning she truly felt like her job was doing the right thing and fighting for woman’s choices in crisis by working for planned parenthood.  It’s a page turner and easy to read.  Read it to be informed, if anything, on current events and what’s going on in our culture.  Also I became aware, more understanding, of the Coalition for Life group.



3.  Unglued

I’m a fan of Lysa TerKeurst, so it’s no lie that I pick up her books when I can… watch her podcasts when she does one…. read her blog occasionally…. and catch her on Focus on the Family when she’s featured.

Anyway, I’m still in the middle of this one.  It’s about ‘making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions.’  Honestly, for some reason with this one, I have to be in the mood for it.  It is easy to read, so I should have finished it a long time ago.  So it maybe is challenging me more than I’ll admit.  And maybe it is giving me more to work on than I care to be honest about with myself.  Maybe….

4.  FitPregnancy


 Love freeloading my house with these mags from the Dr.’s office!



5.  God’s Purpose for Every Woman

I’ve been on the hunt for a good devo lately – wanting something to just draw me closer to God.  I wanted a book I can connect with and be challenged with upstairs.  I like it because it:

a.  it gives me a scripture verse/passage for the day


b.  it tags on an application at the end to challenge me

I didn’t want something light and fluffy.  But I also didn’t want something so deep that it would make me afraid of the book and if I didn’t read it I’d feel like it’s glaring at me & judging me.  Ha ha, you know what I mean?  🙂



6.  The Last Disciple

I just started this book.  Not much to say so far.  But it takes place in Rome when Nero was emperor.   So far it’s gripped me…  Nero is super crazy man running around at night dressed in a crazy costume with a lion’s head and sneaking about persecuting christians.  I did not know about that side of him… hummmmm……



7.  Seven

How ironic, number 7 is a book called Seven.

Anyway, in the past few months I’ve gotten associated with Jen and Brandon Hatmaker.  No, I haven’t met them, silly.  I just heard about them from a friend’s Facebook and then a youTube video surfaced and then I found her blog, and then my sister-in-law wanted this book and so, what can I say, they intrege me.  They are local-ish; Austin – how cool is that?  Very.  Yes, I know.  We might check out their church sometime (and then maybe we’ll meet them).  Here’s a link to her blog and the church they started down there.  They are a very reaching-out-ish couple, which, we connect with.  And her high energy and passion for life intrigues me.  I noticed they have connections with a battered woman’s shelter.  Would love to find out more on that.  And they’ve adopted!  And their, oh never mind…

Anyway, I saw this book at Mardel’s on sale for $3 – I just had to pick it up.  Can’t wait to dig in – ahem, but only after I FINALLY finish Unglued.  I don’t want to start too many books at one time again!!

Now, I’m off to read!

What are you reading these wintery days?

~You are reading, right??  🙂


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