Sit down and rest a little while

I am learning how to: Work.  Rest.  Work.  Rest.  Work.  Rest.  Which is quite hard for this energizer bunny.  I’m not used to running out of energy.  I’m not used to resting or having to walk slow(er) .  And I’m sure not used to having limits.  I feel handicapped.  It bothers me but it’s probably more of a mental thing than anything.  I know if I see a preggo lady walking slow, it would never cross my mind in a million years that she should be going faster.  It’s just all up in my head.  I think I have more sympathy for pregnant people now.  I can empathize with them – totally!


When I was working, I would think about other pregnant ladies I have worked with in the past and wonder, “how in the world they did it.”  I should have observed them more or taken notes.  I don’t remember them sitting down more often than not preggo people or needing more breaks.  (If your reading this Marty Martin, I often would think of you!  I don’t remember you complaining, asking to sit down or take a break at Beanies!  But if I recall right, I think you only worked one day a week when you were pregnant with Devon, which probably made a difference instead of working full-time.)

Also, mom had 4 more babies after me.  I don’t remember her sleeping more or resting often.  I can still see her when we lived in Farmersville, in her ugly blue dress she got at Goodwill, yes, mom, I just called it ugly!, and she’d be doing laundry and working in the kitchen.  As I think about that time of my life when mom was preggo, I would have been ages 4 & 5 and then 9-11.  I’m pretty much blank on mom being preggo at 4 and 5.  But, I specifically remember helping mom with the babies more when I was 9-11 then giving her care and rest when she was preggo.  But, I could just forget too or don’t remember mom resting because perhaps when she did rest was when we kids were in school or outside playing.


Up until this past week, I’d been working.  Sticking it out.  Originally planning on going straight up to due day!  Ms. Optimistic, right??  I know, I know.  Anyway, I was down to only working 2 / 8hr shifts a week but even that totally wore me out.    And now that job is laid to rest.  You see, I would get so tired from being on my feet all day.  After work, I would come home &  hit the couch and sleep til supper!  Where as before – I would work, come home and tackle the next project.

Limits.  They are had to accept.  At work, I also felt like I couldn’t keep up with my share of responsibilities.  Tasks took me longer.  I felt rushed.  Tired and yet, having to rush.  That is both mentally and physically exhausting.

Wednesday we had our regular check up with my OB.  A little worried that something might be wrong with me that I’m so fatigued, yes, I’m serious, I asked her if I’m normal.  Her advise to me was maybe this is a way of my body telling me to slow down; after all with baby coming, I’ll need to slow down……..

I guess I have the next 10 wks to get used to this concept and applying it.  🙂


So, needless to say, this desired journey of family building is all new.  I’ve never walked down this road before.  There is so much to learn and so many ‘firsts’.  It has been exciting, worrisome, exhausting and eagerly anticipatory!  Each monumental step has been like a cloud 9 experience with occasional tears of joy.  Jason and I are so excited and can not WAIT to hold our little baby in our arms for the first time.  (everybody say, “Aaaaaaawwwwe!”)  We’re so excited and just plain curious how ‘our’ experience is going to be.  After a while you grow tired of everybody else’s stories and long for a story of your own to share.  🙂  Yup, that’s where we’re at- dreaming of what adventures lie ahead uniquely for us.  And dreaming of what personality our little one will bring to our humble home here on Hackberry.



These pics are from the other evening after supper.  We quick headed outside for an impromptu photo shoot.  Numerous friends from afar have been asking for pictures.  Aaahh!  People wanna see ‘fat’ me.  Ok, so maybe they want to see how I look being preggo for the first time!  Hubs and I dashed out the back door as the evening sun was sinking.  I love our back yard in the evenings.  The field.  The palm trees.  The sunsets  The cactus… I guess (though they spread like weeds).  The sky.  The rocks.  The birds.  “Everything”,  she says d r e a m i l y …


And, did you notice, I found my boots?!  I’ve honestly had them for a while now, just never got around to posing and posting a pic on here.  I love them and wear them a LOT.  They are comfy.  Pretty.  Great with leggings.  And what else?  Leather.  The only thing I compromised on was the wrinkled look.  They don’t have that going on for them.  Which, I decided I’m ok with that.  I found them at JCPenny, on sale.  But this was like a month or 2 ago and I forget the price.  I’m thinking $50 price range???…

Anyway, happy wknd to you all!  It’s Saturday!


Enjoy this song by Celine Dion!


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