Once upon a {baby~moon}

There once was a couple who was no longer in their early 20’s.  They had wedded later in years; later than the status quo that is.  Now being married 2+ years, they were now expecting their first ever baby.  This was very exciting event for both of them.  God had blessed them with the opportunity to begin a family of their very own.  As time was winding down and due day was drawling nearer and nearer, they agreed to spend one last vacation, just the two of them, before their little sweetheart was to arrive.  Thus we bring to you the tale of; The Baby Moon.


But where would they go?  This particular man and his wife loved adventure and the great out doors and contemplated a fun and wild camping trip to the great & big, rugged west Texas.  But the wife, who sadly had to admit her limits (and energy capacity) to her husband (and herself), kindly requested a much more milder and safer vacation.  The husband, being the gentleman that he is, obliged, and thus our tale unfolds in a beautiful land not so very far away from their humble abode on Hackberry Ave, with indeed, cliffs and trails of it’s very own, known abroad as the Sunset Capitol of Texas ~ Lake Travis.

Now, our story actually begins the day before leaving on their va-ca.  The charming husband had a birthday fast approaching and the sweet wife found it fitting to celebrate before leaving on their baby-moon.  She made him a yummy sweet treat of wild blueberry cream scones straight from Panera Bread‘s website (which, like the good wife, she had pinned on Pinterest).  Her husband has a soft spot for all things blueberry, needless to mention all things baked.  He fussed over said scones as chewed them down, for they were indeed scrumptious.

The leftovers were safely stacked away in a tin with the anticipation of indulging such sweet treats on their baby moon.

The husband’s birthday dinner, that the wife also cooked, was actually a breakfast, which, for this couple they are no stranger to doing.  The wife made a delicious feast of eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast.  Opps, dare I give any false impressions!  Forgive this narrator – the husband was regretfully asked to fry the hash browns in this tale.  So, the story continues with the husband and wife cooking side by side in the kitchen.  It was plain they truly enjoyed one another’s company.


Sometime in the course of that evening, the wife presented 3 gifts to her attractive mate.  The last of which we will mention was this stylish, fetching shirt.  You see, our clever wife in this tale knew it was a fashionable style he had been admiring for some time.  In fact, since Christmas.



As the tale continues, the couple left bright and early the next day.  They had made lodging arrangements at a quaint, Italian flair bed and breakfast over looking the shimmering Lake Travis.  It was a splendidly sublime find by our man of the story’s part.  The wife could not have been happier – for she had been to Italy in days of yore and this was such an endearing token of recollection for her.

Our couple enjoyed beautiful warm sunsets over this enthralling picturesque villa high up on the banks of Lake Travis.



And the view from their balcony was phenomenally stupendous.  Oh, how the banks of Italy beckon at this stateside replica…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The couple of our tale enjoyed themselves immensely on their holiday.  With activities such as dinning out, visiting Austin New Church (perhaps more on that later), exploring Zilker Park in Austin and the river walk in downtown (dodging bikers, joggers and stray dogs of course), patronizing a couple of baby stores, and indulging in the most delectable of sweets during the breakfast hour.  Here’s just a few photographs of the events listed.  Enjoy!  The couple truly did!

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And, last by not least, we present to you the enchanted stairs.  The wife in our story, has secretly admired and adored spiral stairways for, possibly a very long time.  She has always longed for the chance to gracefully ascend and descend them.  And, behold, their gorgeous suite awaited them at the tippy top.  Trite, you might say, but, ahh, a dream is a dream.  And sometimes dreams do come true!  This baby moon of 2013 gifted our dear couple in our story a dream long desired. 


Enraptured wife, here, happy on the stairs!


And that brings our baby moon tale to its completion.  The rosy two came home refreshed and joyful for time well spent.  They wonder when their next va-ca away will be and ‘who’ all will be tucked along in the seats of their vehicle for the journey.  They wonder what kind of personalities will be bouncing along with them.  They wonder what all will change as they accept the role of mommy and daddy for the first time.  As for right now, they are wondering and dreaming and conversing about what’s all to transpire in not but 2 very short months from now – when their lives will be forever changed!…. {hopefully for the better}.

3 thoughts on “Once upon a {baby~moon}

    1. Hannah! I didn’t know you had a blog! I’m so excited! It will be a great way to keep in touch after you’re gone! I love reading your thoughts 🙂
      And, thanks for the comment. I wonder if we will look back on that trip with softness and smile….


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