New Firsts at the End

Hi.  It’s time for an update.  Perhaps my monthly update {since last time I updated was about a month ago}.

First timer pregger lady here, she finds some experiences quite humorous.  She laughs in-spite of herself.  Many days she forgets her limits – that is until she attempts a feat and is suddenly pleasantly reminded of her shape and size and her baby on board.  Life with limits is seemingly daily being re-learned here on Hackberry Ave.

I am reminded on a regular basis to be ok with:

  • allowing myself to rest
  • accepting help
  • waiting for Jason to come home from work to assist with things
  • baby squirming, poking, pressing, hic-up-ing, some wild jitter things, braxton hicks and anything else I missed (can’t quite say I don’t mind these constant interruptions though)

Some days though, she contemplates just staying at home for the next month.  I’m out growing my re-use-it finds.  But recently thanks to my friend, Carla, she resupplied me with a few more tops to accommodate the baby bump.  If I’m going out in public or if I know I’ll be seeing people, I sigh and finger through my few options and select something that I haven’t worn in the past 2 days.

It’s harder for me to find skirts – er, I mean, maternity skirts at thrift stores.  I know Motherhood Maternity has them but my motto is, ‘why pay the money when I’ll only wear this thing for like 4-5 months?’  So I have a few cotton favs that I wear religiously and this one denim skirt that seems to grow with me. . .

  • being crazy hungry and only being able to eat a little bit
  • being very tired but not being able to sleep
  • being constipated
  • having indigestion burps randomly
  • finding the benches at church very uncomfortable
  • peeing – oh, so many times in one day
  • waking up in the middle of the night fiercely having to pee and being starving hungry

That’s all for now!



4 thoughts on “New Firsts at the End

    1. Texas sized grins here to know that you are excited for us! 🙂 I have 4 more weeks (which feel like an etuuuurrrrrrrnnnnniiiiittttttyyyyyy!) But, as they tell me, “This too shall pass!” I’ll just keep on smiling through the kicks and flicks!
      Oh, and I’m due May 18. I think it would be the neatest thing to have him on Mother’s Day – but then that’d be early and I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m thinking he could come 2 wks late just to be in reality about this whole mystery thing… We shall see!


  1. So good to hear from you, Jolynn! I’ve been thinking of you often the last few weeks. Since you asked me about the dresser in the nursery I often think of you when I’m changing Paxton’s diaper–so often! 🙂 🙂 I also have a bag of boy clothes I’m collecting to give away. If I get a chance to send some your way, and you need them I’ll do that.

    You know it’s really crazy how you can forget the misery of those last few weeks! I hope they go as quickly as possible, and you can find things to keep yourself busy that are not too tiring. It’s a balancing act, isn’t it?!


    1. Oh, good to hear from you again too! 🙂 I should let you know all the furniture that updates we’ve made since that chat back in the day… Since then we’ve gotten a changing table (for free!), we’re borrowing a bed side pack-n-play thingy for the first bit, and we also got a crib for free too just in the past couple weeks! All we needed to buy for crib was the mattress and the frame thing that the mattress sets on. So I feel like we totally made out on some furniture!
      Now for a travel system… *sigh* those big purchases, dot, Dot, DOT.

      As far as clothes… I’m kinda not sure what I’ll need. Depends on the size of my little man! I would say anything from 6month size+

      Just reading your blog lately and now your comment makes me want to have a Christy wknd again! Love ya, Christy!


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