He is here!

{ I started this post a couple weeks ago.  I’ve been meaning to get something up here on my blog for quite some time now but never quite seemed to get the time or energy or mental power to do so.  So, finally, after one month of adjustment, here is the baby post! }

It seems like forever ago that I was all huge and pregnant.


I almost forget even how I felt and how uncomfortable that last month was for me.  I know I did my fair share of complaining about not being able to bend over, not getting comfortable enough to sleep and the kicking and hiccups and everything else little Gavin did to me from the inside.  I even had a bruise mark on my right side by ribs.

IMGP8341.PEF - Version 2

And speaking of hiccups, I just assumed by the way other ladies gushed about them that they were wonderful signs felt of baby’s life inside me – but, for me, they were not so wonderful.  And, honestly, even now when Gavin has hiccups on this side of my womb, I still don’t like it.  They strongly and loudly jolt his entire little, helpless body and last for a crazy long time.  Such pain he has to endure!
IMG_0390Someday, he’ll be able to eat peanut butter, drink water upside down or think of 3 bald men to get rid of such annoyances!
My heart has been enthralled by such a dear, small one.  By now, 4 weeks later, I’m recognizing his different noises.
 His cries.  His grunts.  The boy noises he makes in his sleep.    
Goodness, he is such a boy!  I can see him in the future pushing around tonka trucks and adding the noises ‘that a truck makes’.

So tiny!  So snug!  So sleepy!


We swaddled him a lot in those early days.  It helped him sleep at night to be so tightly wrapped up and secure.  During the night, when I’d get up to feed him, I’d discover he peed through everything and I would have to take the swaddle off (and everything else, sigh & grr…) and put him back to bed without the swaddle.  So, finally, we bought a second one.  We used them about one more week after that and then just kinda stopped using them.  He sleeps fine without it now.

Oh, how I love him.


This Mr. is quite the amazing daddy.  


Who can find a more devoted, loving, caring, silly, or tender man?  For he is worth far more than million and bazillions!

Not long ago he told me he didn’t know he liked babies!  Oh, he is so good with our little Gavin!  He is the best.

IMG_0430 - Version 2

Babe, I love the way you help change diapers in the middle of the night, how you care about our babies health, how you hold, rock, calm, and sing to screaming baby, and how you want to hold him first thing when you come home from work.  I know you are an amazing daddy and will always take time for our kids.  Love ya!


3 generations

Nothing can prepare a first time mom-to-be for the life to come post delivery.  In my case though, I was so ready for the next thing.  Baby.  Having quite my job 2 months earlier, I was ready to get busy again.  And I love being a mother.  I have time for baby.


I’m becoming a student of our little Gavinater.  I’m still learning what all he needs when he cries.  We are definitely those first-timer parents who don’t like to hear him cry much and usually attend to his wails promptly.

I keep thinking I should let him cry when he’s in bed and it’s to soon to get up from his nap.  So, I’ll wait for 5 min and by then I feel like the mean parent and scold myself for making him cry when maybe he needs to burp or has gas and here I am neglecting my baby and forcing him to scream and get mad.  It’s crazy how I think to myself that I need to do such-and-such and then in the moment my heart goes all soft inside and I almost can’t let myself do it.  I either cite myself for being a bad parent because I think I’m mean to him or because I’m wimp and give in to quick.  Is this my future mental battle I’ll be dealing with the rest of my life?  Oh, my…


I can’t wait til he is a better responder to cuddling.  I love cuddling!  And, this picture makes me think of sleep and how I worship sleep.  I love it.  I need it.  I want more of it.

IMG_0420 - Version 2

Looking back at these pictures, it’s amazing how fast little ones grow.  He’s still small, but not this small any more.  And he got more pudge on him now.  Especially his cheeks; they’ve chipmunked out more these days.


Gavin’s first day to daddy’s work (and I’m thinking it was my first day ‘out’ and driving – all by myself!).

Gavin’s 2 wk Dr visit.  He’s a healthy growing boy!


Our gorgeous little family.  🙂

IMG_0419 - Version 2Momma’s doing well.  After the 3rd week I feel like I bounced back health wise.  I still am tired and wonder where all my energy has gone some days.  But when I do discover I have energy I quickly take advantage of it!

Mornings are usually my energy bursts.  Something about cereal and coffee just set me bustling around the house.  BUT!  On nights where Gavin got up 3 times or was a challenge to put to sleep the night before… mornings are NOT my happy time.  Those days I usually don’t get dressed til lunch.

By 4 weeks, Gavin usually feeds every 3 hrs.  I’d love for him to go 5 hrs through the night eventually.  He’s done it twice now so I know it can be done.  And in the morning he’s still alive.  I wasn’t a mean parent and starved my kid!  I remember the first time he surprised me and did it I was so worried that he’d not be alive by morning.  He skipped his 3am feeding and went from midnight to 5 in the morning!  This momma had LOTS O’ energy that day!

So snuck! 


From his long toes to his pointed nose, I love him endlessly.  And forever.


One thought on “He is here!

  1. love.love.love. 🙂
    as for the snuggling in bed thing…I told Curt just yesterday that Olivia is the biggest little bed hog I have ever met! Lays smack up against me.
    Your little guy is so adorable. 🙂


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