Life lately


This is me and lil peanut most mornings.  Gavin looks wide awake here.  Don’t let his eyes fool ya.  I think he’s just camera struck.  Either that or he’s very interested in what the photographer is doing…

Note: it’s hard to get a pic of this lil dude without an arm or a leg flailing.  He likes to ‘move it, move it’!

IMG_0706 - Version 2

Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch his smiles on camera.  He is still perfecting that pose.  Mornings are his better times.

IMG_0665 - Version 2

Gavin is making Sunday morning appearances now.  I’m not sure what he thinks of church here.  He looks a little weirded out I must say.  Either that or he’s still in shock from our zooming out the door to get there on time!  Lol.  Momma is catching on to the whole Sunday morning routine.  The routine that gets us from the house, to the jeep and into the church.  This, friends, was a learning curve.  There were a few attempts and fails previous.

But it cuts out our leisure Sunday morning time.  

And, it cuts into our breakfast in bed time.  

And, it cuts into momma prep time.

Ok, whinny, seemingly high maintenance momma.  Nuff already.  Move one.

Coffee in bed with the hubs. is. no. more.


Visiting Gavin’s great-grandma for the first time.  He was crying a bit for her.  Mothers of every age seem to know what to do when the baby cries.  She was trying to put him over her shoulder to comfort him.  Even at 94, her momma instincts wanted to do what they’ve done for years.  It made me smile inside.

Next time we need to get Gavin’s g-pa on the pic to make it one of those beloved 4-gen pics.

And next time we need to move away from the mirror when taking the picture… please, Ms with the iPhone, awaaaaaaaaaay from the mirror. 🙂


Gavin being, well, Gavin.  And proof that he is not a morning person.  Lucky ducky us since his fortunate parents both happen to have the same disposition.  But, I won’t mention his frequent night-owlness is not. so. lucky ducky us…  I’m sure you have no idea what indeed I’m eluding to here…

And lastly,

This is after his bath this morning.


A smile is on the way.  Sometimes it’s a sloooooooow process to get out but eventually…


Oup!  We got a smirky one!  Lol

Lovin’ the pudge belly with those jeans on!


Gavin practicing his future modeling career.


First attempt at jeans today.  We don’t do skinny, we do baggy.  Hello 90’s, ha.  (Well, maybe a little too high waisted and high – watered for the 90’s style- ha)  And, we do brown socks cause that’s what we got.  And, sorry about the slight red eye happening with happy boy, but I’m to lazy to change it.


Have a merry wknd everyone!


3 thoughts on “Life lately

  1. This post made me laugh out loud–truly! Jolynn–you have a real gift for capturing life as it really is with your words. You write about life with no veneer, and surely this reflects something of who you are as a woman. You seem to be at rest in God’s love for you and as a result are very comfortable with yourself. You must be easy to be around. 🙂 I’ve never met you, but I can see something of why Jason loves you. Gavin will receive much from your open heart! Keep writing!


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